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What if you could really feel “coherent” between your emotions, heart, mind and body – where you feel in control, have clarity and focus, feel appreciative and caring, productive and efficient?
What if you could shift into this state of “coherence” at will?
And what would happen if millions of people could do this and impact the level of coherence on the planet?

Global Coherence has been initiated because people sense that this is extraordinary time and we are at the crossroad of change. Many people are looking for ways to use their heart, spirit-aligned wisdom and care to make a meaningful difference.

Click here to join us and become an active part of worldwide transformation.

Two Minute Radiance

Radiate pure coherent love to the planetary whole for only two minutes a day for three months!
Two minutes a day of pure heart energy amounts to a lot of love from the collective membership and can be very effective through these times. This is a mini project with a small energy investment but a large potential for effectiveness. Similar projects have been done by other groups in times past, yet their usefulness remains ever-current.

Two Minute Radiance Technique

Picture breathing through the center of your chest (heart), as this helps to warm up your heart center (feelings). Imagine that your heart is like a high radiance light bulb. See the intensity increase as you focus your breath on the intention to fill your heart with outgoing love and compassion. just radiate the light of your coherent heart to mother earth and humanity as a whole for two minutes a day, without assigning a destination or being attached to an outcome. Ask spirit or universal source to use the love for the highest-best for the planetary whole.

When you finish the two minutes, if you have more time and want to radiate heart and care for any specific intention, please do so.

Remember, when you are sending out focused love, appreciation and compassion, this energy processes first through your own system and science has proven that you especially benefit from this experience. (Even though that’s not the motive for sending care, it’s still a healthy add-on.)

Since this is only a two minute technique, we’re asking you to do it each day for three months. The reason for three months is that for most people it’s easier to sustain a commitment for a shorter time than to commit two minutes every day of their life. However, for the ones that could, the planet would significantly benefit.

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