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Master Meditation of Christ Selves as One: Now Through June 4th

Master Meditation of Christ Selves as One: Now Through June 4th
Meditations in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English! Join us: janisel(at)sanandaseagles.com  Be a member of our Ashtar's Trinity -- Project Eagle Triad -- Family. We welcome you with open starship hatches!

Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar
Now for the Next Seven Days -- Twenty Minutes Per Day

                                                               (channeled through Rev. Janisel of Sananda's Eagles)

Greetings, my beautiful Eagles and lightworker future Eagles! I ask you to take time to enjoy the sacredness of this NOW time. You are each a `Christ', you are each a `Buddha'; you have only temporarily forgotten, and I come to remind you of your magnificence. For the time is nigh when the Veils shall be rent asunder and you will remember your true identities. Until that time, I invite you to join with me often upon the Christ Consciousness Grid surrounding your planet, speak to me and let me uplift your heart. For I am near to each of you and will never forsake you. I come this day simply to remind you of these Truths, however, I will now step aside so that my brother Ashtar can instruct you in your next meditation. Shalom.

Greetings, it is I, Ashtar. Before we begin I would like to add a personal word of welcome to those that are now going to join our Project, and those who just joined us! You've come to the right place at the right time, you might say, and it is by design that you are ONE of us. So, welcome, dear ones.

The energies of your full moon and the eclipse will continue to anchor into the earth for the next few days, however there are some planetary grids that are in need of strengthening with the Energy of Love. There are so many grids aligning at this time and so much activity by your sun that some balancing needs to be done, so let us begin. And we remind you to please follow the protocol you have received before you begin.

For the first five minutes of this meditation the Eagles are asked to send the Energy of Love to your sun. Well, that was no surprise, was it?

For the next five minutes you are asked to send the Energy of Love to what you term the tectonic plates of your planet.

For the next five minutes you are asked to send the Energy of Love to the Crystal Kingdom, as it continues to anchor the Crystalline Grid, disseminating the information it has long held for mankind and that is supporting you in your ascension processes.

And for this week we are going to ask an additional five minutes from you to send Love to the Human Grid; to the heart of every man, woman and child upon your planet.

That's it for this week. I AM Ashtar, reminding you to BE Love and to BE the Masters that you are. Salut!




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