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from Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda
channeled through Rev. Janisel of Sananda's Eagles


Greetings! I am Ashtar, here with Lord Sananda. For your next meditation we bring you something a little different from what we normally do. After all, these are not normal times, are they? As most of you are feeling, this is a time of intense energies and many changes, which are, for the most part, related to the many solar flares and eclipse/portal openings that have and are transpiring. For this reason, we are going to ask YOU LIGHTWORKERS AND FUTURE EAGLES to do something a little different, which will be a well-deserved treat for all of you. You have earned it.

Rather than using your fifteen minutes of meditation time to send energies, you are being asked to receive energies. Receiving is always nice, is it not?  This is to be a wondrous individual experience.

Before beginning, however, you are reminded to center yourself into your heart space, for you will be working with your own personal grid, that grid which connects you to the Creator heart-to-heart. You are then to state your intent to connect with what we have termed the GOD/SOURCE GRID.

For  Lightworkers, and Future Eagles, this is the
"It is a Grid established by your conscious acknowledgment that `Something BIG' is coming. You can't quite describe it or put your finger on `what' that `something' is but you feel it throughout every cell of your Being. That `something', that Energy, that you feel to be coming is, my friends, quite simply `Creator' or `God', however you wish to express it. And so it is this Source Grid or God Grid to which you are connected, and it is your conscious connection to this grid that helps ease the integration of its Energies into the mass consciousness of Earth humanity."

After connecting to the GOD/SOURCE GRID and visually pulling its holy etheric net tightly around you, you are asked to connect to your planet's sun and also to her moon. You are then to simply sit, or lie down if you prefer, for the fifteen minutes of mediation time and receive; receive these higher energies coming from your sun and moon that bring to Earth mankind the codes that open them to their further awakening and the merger with their individual Higher Selves. State your intention to `allow' these energies to anchor within your four lower bodies with ease; then accept with Gratitude.

We are Ashtar and Sananda, enfolding you in our Love and Gratitude for this work that you do.


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