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We communicate to our global galactic family in Chinese, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish. Do you have 15 minutes per day to contribute to the Ascension of this Planet, Solar System, and Galaxy? Contact janisel(((at)))sanandaseagles.com http://www.ashtarstrinity.sanandaseagles.com/

channeled through Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad
To Begin Today for the Next *SEVEN* Days, 15 Minutes or More Per Day
Lord Sananda
Greetings, my precious and beautiful brothers and sisters! It is I, Sananda, and I come to bring you a meditation that, hopefully, will soothe your shattered body and nervous systems.  We in the higher dimensions stand in amazement as we watch you of Earth take on so many downloads of energy designed to lead you into who you truly are.  For you are dealing with, as Ashtar has said, moon energies, sun energies, weather-related cleansing energies and, now, of course, you have "comet" energies. <grin>  And if that weren’t enough, you are now coming into your Holy Day Seasons, which we note becomes a very stressful time of year for most of you. 

Therefore, I, Dr. Sananda, am prescribing a de-stressing time, which will come from your next meditation. It is so much easier to integrate the codes and energies you are constantly now receiving when your body and mind are relaxed and centered in Love.  So let me take you on a little vacation, may I?  And for this exercise, you will not state your intent to join with the others of this Project, for this will be a private journey, just you and I.  Also, this meditation is for one 15-minute length of time.

Before we lift off, so to speak, I ask you to state your intention to join me, Sananda, atop the Christ Consciousness Grid that surrounds your planet.  Let us look down upon the Earth together and decide on a vacation spot. Where is your ideal destination?  Where do you consider ‘Paradise on Earth’ to be?  

Once you have made your decision, whisper it to me in your heart, take my hand and together we will make the journey. Now, for the remainder of the meditation, I ask you to visualize yourself in your dream location, totally relaxed and full of joy.  Perhaps you are lounging on the beach listening to the waves of the ocean; perhaps you are skiing down the snowy slope of a pristine mountain retreat, or perhaps you are doing whatever it is that you see as a relaxing and joyous activity. 
The intention of this meditation is that, during these fifteen minutes each day, your body and mind will let go of your day-to-day stressors and anxieties, your fears and your concerns, to give these incoming energies a chance to more easily integrate within you.  So…Doctor’s orders…spend fifteen minutes each day in ‘vacation mode’.  See? The medicine I prescribe doesn’t require a spoonful of sugar. <laughing>
I am Sananda, your friend and physician, wishing you a good day.


Inviting ALL Beloved Lightworkers, Starseeds, Shamans, Crystals, Indigos, Walk-Ins, Braid Ins and Star Wanderers! We of Project Eagle Triad (Ashtar's Trinity) welcome you with open starship hatches. Contact janisel(((at)))sanandaseagles.com


By Rev. Deb Wright

WE ARE SANANDA'S EAGLES! WE are the ones that wait upon the Lord! We have renewed our strength, we are not weary, and we will not faint!
We know who we are; now it's time for you to know who we are. We are lightworkers of all races, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations and we are ONE FAMILY. We acknowledge the fact that we chose to come into this lifetime for a purpose; we chose the families that we were born into and we chose the lessons that we've had during this lifetime. We also know that all of these previous choices have led us to this point in time, to this coming together of all! Some religions tell us that a one world religion is a BAD thing! And yes, I do fully agree that it would be a bad thing… the best thing for all is ACCEPTANCE of ALL beliefs! You see, the majority of the world's religions all have one thing in common and that one thing is called, "group ego." These religions all teach that they are the ONLY ones that God loves, that God accepts, the ONLY TRUE religion. Most wars on this planet's history have been in the name of religion. I don't know about all of you, but MY God LOVES ALL AND ACCEPTS ALL! I was raised by fundamentalist Christians that believe in conversion, that believe in hell-fire and brimstone, that believe in damnation, and that believe that righteous people can judge the unrighteous… Well, my question is, who REALLY knows who is or is NOT righteous?
Some of these same religions teach and preach that if you are one of the millions of people on this planet today that have had some sort of "alien encounter" (e.g., abduction, contact, etc.) that you are dealing with Satan and his demons. Why do they believe this? Once again the "group ego", that most religions are working under, REFUSES to believe that THEY may not be THE righteous… If they believed in life elsewhere, then they would have to believe that they may NOT be the only righteous ones in the Universe. After all we are talking about "beings" that cannot possibly be converted. We, of the Church of Sananda's Eagles, do not believe in conversion. We believe in sharing… not pressure.
Now let's try another point of view, shall we? You are in the time of Moses; you are among the children of Israel that have been taken out of Egypt… Manna rains down on the ground daily (except for the Sabbath) giving you food, food that does not need to be hunted for or dug up out of the ground; this food is given to you by God. Now… some scientists say that the manna was nothing more than mushroom spores drifting in the wind. What if I were to tell you that there are people (myself included) that believe that this manna was brought in a delivery van and it dropped the manna to the ground, without showing itself to the peoples below? I am speaking of a "spaceship." If you continue reading through this website, you will find pages of references that show you where Bible scriptures are interpreted by some of us to be speaking of "spaceships." There will also be references that show where "aliens" are referred to in the Bible.
Among the many pages that you will find in the website, you will also find a gallery of pictures that can be found on the web, that shows "spaceships" and "aliens." We include this gallery of pictures to show you that there have been mysteries all through the history of this planet. These mysteries include "spaceships," "aliens" and crop circles. Many of the members of this church find these not only fascinating, but of extreme significance to those of us that are here doing our work, that work being, bringing together the peoples of this planet in unity and harmony. Only when humans find unity, will the planet then be safe and brilliant once more in the eyes of the fellow citizens of this and other universes. Then we can bring about a unity of ALL life forms on this planet, in that same unity and harmony. Then and only then will we truly be able to see HEAVEN ON EARTH!
No matter that this belief crosses religion boundaries, the dogmas do not matter in this. What does matter is the way we all feel. The information available through religions, the Bible, the Apocryphal Books, channelings, visions, and the Internet… is strong enough information that many people are moving out and away from dogmatic religions that no longer serve them. People are beginning to realize that religion has become nothing more than another tool in the political arenas. We are realizing that Spirituality is more important than religion. [We are YOUR family - come visit with us at www.sanandaseagles.com.]

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