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Why should you become a quantum activist? Some time ago, the philosopher Nietzsche wrote, “God is dead.” What he meant is that the dominant Western religion of Christianity in its popular version was no longer able to act as a guiding light to assist people in moving toward ethics, morality, and spirituality.

In the last couple of years, many authors citing recent advances in science and technology have proclaimed this same idea, holding up the straw God of popular Christianity (a mighty emperor sitting in a throne in heaven doling out acts of reward and punishment to His subjects). This movement has culminated in putting up ads in London boldly proclaiming “There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and get on with your life.” The implied connotation, No God to punish you, so why not become a hedonist? These authors and scientists are believers of scientific materialism, the metaphysical basis of post-modern science that has dominated the world through the second half of twentieth century and is dominating the scientific world even now.

To summarize the potential of the new paradigm:

In physics, this shift is changing our fascination with deterministic “predict and control” materialist science and making room for consciousness and creativity via the use of downward causation.

In biology, the new paradigm is radically changing our attitude toward such issues as consciousness, vital feelings, mental meanings, purposefulness and evolution, life and death. The seemingly never-ending feud between evolutionists and intelligent designers may finally be over.

In psychology, the new paradigm is validating controversial ideas such as the unconscious, transcendental states of consciousness, meaning and creativity, intuition, survival-after-death and reincarnation, ethics, and spirituality. Finally, the psychology of the unconscious and the superconscious is becoming scientific.

In medicine, the new paradigm validates alternative medicine such homeopathy and acupuncture and is paving the way toward a long overdue integrative medicine.

In economics, the new paradigm reformulates capitalism in a way that eliminates not only the boom and bust business cycles but also the conditions that lead to current economic meltdowns like the one we are currently experiencing. In the new economics within consciousness we may finally be able to solve the problem of poverty.

In business, eco-friendliness and sustainability will complement the pursuit of material profit; and the pursuit of meaning will complement the pursuit of money.

In politics, the new paradigm will bring a transformation from the current politics of power to a true democracy in the service of meaning.

In education, the paradigm will balance the three R’s—reading, writing, ‘rithmetic—with the three I’s—inspiration, intuition, and (creative) insight.

In religion, the new paradigm is paving the way to a new post-secularism that distinguishes spirituality and religion and celebrates the monumental discovery of a genuine science of spirituality that can guide us into the technology of the sacred.

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