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Interactions Between the Earth’s Energetic Systems and Human Consciousness Webinar With Rollin McCraty, Ph.D

Download this compelling Webinar: Interactions Between the Earth’s Energetic Systems and Human Consci..., created by  the Global Coherence Monitoring System Development Team Coordinator, Rollin McCraty, Ph.D..

In this Webinar Dr. McCraty is reviewing data showing how solar cycles correlate with "human excitability" with a focus on how they also affect periods of human flourishing; he is examining the random number generator network data showing changes from both positive and negative events and how love and compassion have the strongest effects. In layman terms, Rollin is talking about the Earth’s magnetic fields and how their frequencies overlap with both heart and brain rhythms and about the new magnetic sensors we are using.

Dr. McCraty discuss the Global Coherence Initiative’s three major hypotheses that synthesize the relationship between human beings and the solar and earth’s energetic fields:

  • Hypothesis No. 1: All living things are interconnected and we communicate with each other via biological, and electromagnetic fields.
  • Hypothesis No. 2: Not only are humans affected by planetary energetic fields, but conversely the earth’s energetic systems are also influenced by collective human emotions and consciousness. Much of the planetary field environment is made up of the collective consciousness of the inhabitants.
  • Hypothesis No. 3: Large numbers of people intentionally creating heart-coherent states of care, love, compassion and appreciation can generate a coherent standing wave that will help offset the current planetary wave of stress, discord and incoherence.

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