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Angel Message:

“Realize that whatever limitations of consciousness you currently carry, that reality is infinite. God is infinite. Our abilities, the abilities of the angels, are truly infinite. We withhold nothing from you. Creator withholds nothing from you in your role of true creation as a being of love, and of light, and of compassion, of caring and of devotion to what you have come upon the earth to express.

This purpose extends beyond the lifetime you are experiencing now. It extends from the time your consciousness first came into being, was first born from the heart of God. It extends beyond the time when you completely return to the heart of God. However many lifetimes, however many places, however many stages of consciousness and being you move through, we are your constant companions. Constant.

As a soul you were conscious of the heavens, of the earth, and of what you could carry upon the earth. You chose a selection of gifts that fit your composition as a soul, that fit the abilities that would come easily to you, that fit what would make your being, what would make your heart, sing; what would make you joyful, blissful, what would make the sharing of your gifts the greatest pleasure that you could experience on the earth. Your soul emanations then began to call to you all that would be needed for you to come into physical form in this manner. The angels around you assisted greatly in this for we are the builders of form, the builders of creation. We are both the thought forms and the hands of Creator that work at the place of intersection between heaven and earth, between spirit and matter, between inspiration and form.

We are given upon you that we may assist you in bringing into form the very essence of your soul. The angelic realm extends from the Throne of Creator to the very center of the earth. From the highest vibrations of love of light, to the densest vibrations in the cores of planets and the stars. We extend across this entire range of vibration. From the angels on high who carry the pure thought and pure consciousness and pure love of Creator to the angels of form, the elemental angels, sometimes known as the devas, who are within the soil of the earth who work with the creation of flowers and plants and trees. Many, many cultures and folklores are aware of the Elementals, for they are the ones who produce your flowers, your fruits, your vegetables, who hold the sacred form of the trees and plants. They work within every cell of living life. They are the arrangers of electrons and protons and neutrons, of atoms. They are present between the spaces of the subatomic particles.

We want you to realize that your body, which feels so solid, is primarily space and energy. The amount of actual physical matter in your body, if it were to be compressed to the utmost density, that at the core of your earth, which is far from utmost, (for example, the pressures that exist in a black hole,) but for the purpose of illustration, if we were to compress the physical matter in your body to the degree of compression that exists in the center of a planet, the amount of physical matter that you carry would not even be the size of the head of a pencil tip -- so what is the rest of you? Energy, space.

We are giving this illustration for you to realize that within your form, within even the form of your body, exist angels, busy and at work, under the command of whatever your current awareness dictates.

We want you to be aware that angels exist from the most high and exalted levels of heaven through the densest and most exalted forms of matter. We wish you to know that at this level there is no separation of heaven and earth, no separation of Creator and creation. No separation exists. The only separators are what are present in your consciousness where you disallow the expression of love, where you disallow the presence of love. The spaces between your very particles of being, the electrons, the neutrons, the protons, the subatomic particles, the quarks, the elementals of your being, are very, very small pieces that rest in the sea of your consciousness, so much energy and so much space between the physical matter there, and yet here is where the energy of your consciousness resides. Here is where you allow or disallow the light and love of creation to be the sea of being that you are.

We wish you to know that the nature, the quality, the presence, the essence in the sea of your being is determined solely by your consciousness. We come to you to help you realize your soul nature, your true nature, the beauty, the magnificence, the nobility of your soul nature.

We want you to be aware of your original choice for this lifetime. We wish you to know that your choice was sanctioned by Creator. Your choice was sanctioned by the angelic realm. We wish you to know that the choices you made were in total and pure alignment with Creator. The choices of your soul were blessed and a covenant was given upon you, the covenant of Creator to you, to supply you with all that you need to find and to continue to express the gifts of your soul. This is an

evolutionary process. There is not one expression that ends this, there is not one expression that begins this. There is a continuing evolution of expression. Know that Creator, and all who serve Creator, are fully with you in this."

-The Archangels
channelled by Christopher Dilts

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Yes, at the very core of true creation lies LOVE. It is an integral component that will determine the outcome of our creations. And we certainly did agree to a sacred covenant with the Creator, one whose core is love. Thanks for posting this, Sister! Love and Light, Nick xx
Thank you Nick.

God Bless you




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