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Please make a love donation to help cover costs of this website

As some of you may be aware, Ning is making some big changes. One of those changes is charging for our networks. The website hosting costs for this site used to be free - now they are going to charge $49.95 per month just to keep things the same way we've always had them (or cheaper option $19.95 with only a few features). The Tech support that ning provides adds up too.  I ask for your help to keep our costs down.

Please consider donating to us to help with the sites running costs. A small affordable donation would be wonderful and sincerely appreciated.

I am very proud of our network and think that it is worth keeping alive. Therefore, we will not be moving or shutting down. I believe that it is worth it to pay the charges and maintain our presence. I ask that you continue to participate and help each other, as we should continue to learn, grow, share, and teach.

Thank you for being a family member of SPIRITUAL MARKET.

Many blessings
Simona Simons
Spiritual Market Creator 

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