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June 2010 Blog Posts (7)

Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: Crusades Of Compassion

Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: Crusades Of Compassion

It is an honor, once again, Dear Ones, to address you and relay enormous respect, love and gratitude from the Most High. You are presently encountering another burst of high vibration energy and the

effects and symptoms… Continue

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Injustice resides

There was a day that the sun never shines on my face and the winter cold seeks my body to embrace, a day that my friends suffer for they cannot eat nor sleep. As I was sitting in my desk wondering why are they so frail while those people in power always give them something to fail. These people who are always pretending to be best, oh how I wish someday they would be in their eternal rest.

My friends cover themselves with pretentions and those fake smiles and joy they always… Continue

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I love you is all I have to say

Every time I glimpse at you through the transparent door, I always imagined myself how lucky I am to be your lover. I never realized that you would answer “Yes.” This time I’ll make it sure that I’ll do everything to show how much I love you. I have always wanted this feeling of fascination “to be loved by you”.

As I see you’re long black hair swaying into the breezy air of the night, you’re kissable lips that could melt the numb and cold inside my heart, your hands that… Continue

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Supremacy II

Religion fanatics are like cheap dresses that can be thrown away or taken for granted. They have no use to society because they are hypocrites and users of what they call “god.” Worst, they tend to break the union of people because of the different kinds of principles and ideology that they acquire in their dogmatic structural religion. I may not be a fan of religion, but I know that peace can only be gained through unity among… Continue

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I am a metal head. I never believe in the existence of God. I always say it to myself “I stand alone.” I am an iconoclastic person, destroying the dogmatic principles of the so called “holy kingdom,” because I perceived it as a sign of stupidity and mediocre.

Every time I see people wearing church dresses after their so called “praying”, I ask myself, if these people have their own minds, I find it very annoying to see that they are just being manipulated by these spiritual… Continue

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Three Gods

I’m a skeptic person. I denounce all the mediocre and criticizers who are always wearing special occasion dresses when they worship their god. Even though I don’t believe in god, I never condemn nor disrespect other people. I always believed in the ideological basis of science. But the world of science is not sufficient because the reality is very broad and vast.

But I would still choose the side of science because it has proof and… Continue

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I tried to attend a holy worship in one of the churches nearby; they say that you have to be in formal cocktail dresses if you want to attend the worship. I wanted to laugh until I die when I heard that because I think that worshiping must not depend on what a person wears inside a church.

It’s like saying that salvation is only for the rich and supreme, and the poor ends failing. But then I decided to wear formal dresses because I… Continue

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