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November 2009 Blog Posts (7)

Message From Lord Raziel: The Cloak Of Darkness


I greet you Dear Ones, with enormous love, gratitude and respect from the Most High. Another week has passed, which has seen all of you progress in varying ways and degrees. No matter how small the kernel of insight is that you gain, it is always significant. I’ve spoken to you about the importance of laying strong foundations so never doubt that all insights are essential to your… Continue

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The Grace of Gratitude

Gratitude and appreciation will raise your vibration, open your heart, and elevate you from even the darkest of places.

In appreciating and feeling grateful for something or someone, you essentially 'receive' it (i.e. the very essence you feel grateful for), as well as give to it from your heart, which effectively aligns your vibration to it, and directs your focus, attention and energy towards it.

Gratitude attunes your heart and mind to that which is positive… Continue

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Mid-Week Message From Lord Raziel - The Realm Of Forgotten Creations


I greet you, Dear Ones, with enormous love, gratitude and respect from the Most High. Yes, I include respect for you are all worthy of that, more than you might imagine. Descending to your present state of having a physical body which hosts but a small portion of your true magnificence has involved a daily struggle for all of you. Many of you contend that if you… Continue

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Do a Little Soul Steering

You are what you think. It's as simple as that, really. If you're not sure what you think about all day long, take a look around. What do you see? That's what you are thinking about. Your reality is a direct result of your thoughts. If you don't like your reality, then change your thoughts. Shift your focus. It takes practice, I know. But if you commit yourself to this practice, you're life will change towards the direction of your dreams. Make some time for yourself everyday, whereby you sit… Continue

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The Problem Solving Mind

Okay, so we know that “what we think about, we bring about” and that our happiness is closely linked to what thoughts we allow in our minds. In my experience, when most people hear about this, they have one of three reactions;

1. It rings as true, a light is switched on and the person feels powerful. These people, although they will also face challenges, they have the best chance because they BELIEVE.

2. Some think it’s nonsense and don’t even bother to try (and let’s face it, if you… Continue

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2012 - What's Really Going To Happen?

Before going into the specifics of the upcoming sixth night, November 8, 2009 – November 2, 2010, of the Galactic Wave Movement (or Underworld) I feel I should clarify some of my basic points of departure for understanding the Mayan calendar, since the various ideas that are currently proposed for this vary significantly. There are for instance those that believe that the end date of the Mayan calendar only marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new.

On my own part… Continue

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Reiki – "Really?"

How a Spirit Changed The Mind of a Skeptic – Confirmation Along My Spiritual Journey

I have written about my journey to this point: from being a complete skeptic to opening two companies with the sole purpose of identifying and promoting ethical spiritual advisors and healers. I have talked about my animal friends and how they have affected my life and my spiritual journey. I make it my business to personally interview potential members of my directory, so I have had the… Continue

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