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Nutritional Supplementation and Positive Thinking

I currently work for a Company that manufactures and distributes Natural Health products, Including herbs, vitamins, minerals and even tinctures. Having grown up in a home where natural alternatives to medicine were the norm and working in the industry, has made nutritional supplementation a daily must for me. So I am often surprised when I meet people that do not even take a multivitamin.

I do however believe that a person can go without supplementation if the diet is adequate (and…


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Is Forgiving So Simple in Real Life as it is in the Books?

Firstly I must state the following:

I believe in the power of forgiveness!

I believe I am responsible for everything that happens in my life, as are we all!

I believe I have the power to improve my circumstances, always!

I believe in myself, my own power!

And then I must explain what I mean by forgiveness exercises:

You visualise the person, or situation which you must forgive, and then you say, out loud (or you can write it out) "I forgive you… Continue

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The Problem Solving Mind

Okay, so we know that “what we think about, we bring about” and that our happiness is closely linked to what thoughts we allow in our minds. In my experience, when most people hear about this, they have one of three reactions;

1. It rings as true, a light is switched on and the person feels powerful. These people, although they will also face challenges, they have the best chance because they BELIEVE.

2. Some think it’s nonsense and don’t even bother to try (and let’s face it, if you… Continue

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Gratitude and visualisation

I'm sure by now, everyone has heard of how gratitude can enhace their lives on one way or another, or at the very least your mom told you should be grateful. Here is my experience of gratitude in combination with visualisation.

Gratitude can not only make you feel more peaceful and happy with your life, but it can enhance the power of affirmations, visualisation techniques and can help you attract more and more good into your life.

"As I express my gratitude, I find more… Continue

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an introduction

To all the beautiful people of the universe who are ready for change

I am a 21 year old female from beautiful (but sometimes scarey) South Africa.

Writing has never been one of my favorite things to do (nor has it been a strong suit).

I am more used to displaying my messages and feelings visually in my oil paintings and drawings.

But lately I have had this burning desire to write.

Something inside needs to escape, some message that feels so important it brings… Continue

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