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This week has been an interesting week....

On monday I failed to listen to my intuition and now need $2000 to fix my car.

Monday morning, at around lunch time, I felt a strong, powerful feeling in the pit of my stomach which told me not to drive my car that afternoon in peek hour traffic. It was so strong that I actually rang my Osteopath and cancelled my 5:30 appointment with her. But I chose still to not listen... I thought to myself, "Oh I'll just pop up to work, its just round the corner, it will be fine!"

So I drove my car to work and then on the way home, I tried to do a 3 point turn with my foot over the excellerator rather than the brake! Lets just say that cars werent made to drive through rock walls!!

Im ok, but my car needs some serious love and healing...

What an expensive lesson!!

I know now to LISTEN to the messages from my higher self!!

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