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Best Psychic Team is the Official SelfGrowth.com Guide to “Psychics and Psychic Readings”. (http://www.selfgrowth.com/psychic_readings.html)

Who makes up Best Psychic Team? Cheryl Anne McGill and Allison, The Rock Girl, that’s who! Both ladies hold a number of titles and their own unique abilities. Best Psychic Team was created because Cheryl Anne and Allison, The Rock Girl, work on two different "planes", so to speak.

Above and Below defined:

Cheryl Anne is a very gifted Psychic Medium (as well as many other titles), and has the ability to communicate with angels and spirits that are on the other side. She is amazingly adept at delivering their messages with succinct clarity and detail.

Allison, The Rock Girl, has an uncanny ability to tap into the world below, magnificent Mother Earth, and channel the messages she receives from nature itself. Allison is also very gifted in bringing ancient guides forward, often those from past lives.

With both Cheryl Anne's and Allison's abilities combined, they truly do bring you the absolute BEST of both worlds, as well as all aspects of psychic and medium ability.

Every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM EST, Best Psychic Team hosts a live radio show on ASK1Radio (http://www.ask1radio.com) entitled Psychic Channels. They discuss of variety of topics. Some of the more recent topics covered have been healing, meditation, manifestation, and chakras. Listeners benefit from their different perspectives and years of experience. They also give free psychic readings on air.

So, if you would like a reading that consists of the best of both Above and Below, give Psychic Channels a listen and call in. For more information, please visit http://www.bestpsychicsteam.com.

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