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Aligning with the December 21 Portal by DL Zeta


Aligning with the December 21 Portal of Infinite Possibility By DL Zeta

A portal of infinite possibility opens Monday night when the earth's shadow crosses the full moon just hours before the winter solstice. It is at the point, during the full lunar eclipse, that a dimensional portal opens, offering a glimpse into the perfection and beauty of timeless eternity where all fields of potentiality exist. This opening is already energetically "reaching back" and beckoning to all who are aligned enough to receive this broadcast.



A Powerful New Guiding Star on the Horizon


The broadcast of this multidimensional portal reaches through time and space to all life everywhere. All we need to do to tune in this broadcast is to grow still and silent within ourselves and open to the guiding light of this powerful new star on our inner horizon.



Pay close attention to everything that draws your attention now as your higher self will attempt to speak to you on many levels, downloading information and ideas into your sleeping mind and in those waking moments when your mind is clear and still.



Monday night's solstice/eclipse phenomenon is no coincidence. This portal signals a greater alignment of heaven and earth with the power to trigger new levels of enlightenment.



Our Final and Most Profound Earthly Test


In recent weeks and months, many lightworkers have come face-to-face with any remaining darkness they hold. Densities that seemed to have been left behind may have resurfaced. Do not be tempted to judge yourself for this or fall prey to despair and hopelessness at this time. This is the time to stand firmly on the platform of the spiritual understandings you have gained, to call upon your higher self, your guides and angels as you stare into the face of your greatest fears, your darkest moments, and your weakest points.



Because each being is a "microcosm" of the universe, our own consciousness is our best training ground for carrying out our purpose at the universal level. As we love our own darkness, we unify dark and light within our own consciousness. This allows us to join with others to unify dark and light on planet Earth, ushering in a new time. It is in this way that we are able to transform suffering to its higher octave of universal love and understanding. Suffering is at its core a resistance to what is. When we resist what we encounter, we block its message and in doing so, we isolate ourselves from the understandings and love that can help us navigate all we encounter.



As we love and allow every aspect of our being, we are able to stare into any darkness that still obscures our hearts. We can consciously choose to love the darkness and embrace it, for our willingness to love and embrace the darkness encapsulates our final and most profound test in earthly life.



For more on accessing portals in consciousness, see Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta



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