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Quantum physics in the form of its famous observer effect (how an observation transforms quantum possibilities into actual experiences in the observer’s consciousness) is forcing us into a paradigm shift from the primacy-of-matter to a new paradigm: the Primacy Of Consciousness.
Quantum Activism is the idea of transforming ourselves and our societies in accordance with the transforming messages of quantum physics and the new paradigm.

So what are these transforming messages of quantum physics? First, consciousness is the ground of all being, and all objects of our experiences (of sensing, thinking, feeling, and intuition) are quantum possibilities for consciousness to choose from.

Second, if we choose what is known, what is conditioned in us from prior experiences, we are choosing from our ego-consciousness. But if we choose what is unknown, what is unmanifest in our prior experiences, we are choosing from what traditions call God-consciousness (in scientific language we call it quantum consciousness). Choosing from God-consciousness requires quantum leaps (movement from point A to point B without going through intermediate steps), nonlocality (signalless communication), and tangled hierarchy (causal relationships of circularity).

God is not dead! The existence of God has been verified by much scientific evidence.

In the third message of quantum physics, the evolution of consciousness (read my most recent book Creative Evolution) is taking us toward a greater and greater capacity for processing the meaning of our lives and the world around us. The immediate future of evolution is promising to take us from our current preoccupation with the rational mind to an intuitive mind that values the archetypes; such as good, beauty, truth, justice, and love. And gives us the ability to process the meaning of our lives through these archetypes.

So the goal of the quantum activist is to explore quantum possibilities and manifest these archetypes—good, beauty, truth, justice, and love—in his or her life as far as one can go. The means a quantum activist uses to achieve this goal are threefold—right thinking, right living, and right livelihood.

Right thinking consists of understanding the paradigm shift from a user’s point of view and helping others in our environment to do so. Right living consists of walking the talk, manifesting our understanding in how we live, becoming guiding examples for others in our environment. As such it takes a lot of quantum leaps, openness to nonlocality, and the desire to change hierarchical relationships into tangled ones. And right livelihood consists of earning our living in a way that is congruent with our modes of thinking and living and helping our entire society to achieve this congruence.

It is exciting you say, but is that enough to motivate me? I will tell you my fundamental understanding: if you are reading this column you are already motivated. You know what? Consciousness is already pressuring you to join its evolutionary movement.

One final comment. How did America manage to elect its first African American president this November? Because the evolutionary movement of consciousness demanded it. The most important program that Barack Obama has proposed is the enhancement of the middle class which amounts to the enhancement of meaning processing in America. The last time an American president wanted to do that was John Kennedy. In addition to the middle aged and the old, millions of young people unconsciously felt the evolutionary pressure and acted accordingly.

So what do we do now? Why, become quantum activists of course!

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Written by Dr. Amit Goswami Ph.D. (Theoretical Quantum Physicist)

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