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Computers,cells,mobiles are causing pain,stress,fatigue,depression & CANCER

Do u often have unexplainable headaches? Do u suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders?
Do u feel fatigued & have little energy at the end of the day. Are u often chronically ill or prone to diseases & depression/Or do u suffer from allergies/AND most importantly---somebody or the other in the family is in GREAT PAINS !!!!!!!Spondalities, Fibromyalgia,Migraine,Headache,Stomach ache,back pain,toothache,sprains & all cuts & burns.

Do u use computer, mobile or other ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION producing equipments, and despite the attendance with the physician, the symptoms return or become even stronger.
Recent Swedish epidemiological studies confirm that after 2000 hours of cellular phone exposure or a latency period of about 10 years, brain cancer risks rises by 240 percent
Human DNA hears the different emr frequencies loud & Clear, reacting like a human ear would do to high volume country music. Irradiated cells struggle to protect themselves against this destructive dissonance by hardening their membranes. They cease to receive nourishment, stop releasing toxins, die prematurely & spill micronuclei fragments into a sort of “tunor bank account. A 4 year study conducted by the EU by 12 research groups in 7 European countries found that radiation from cell phones harm body cell & damage DNA
The electrical smog, that increased several times after the introductions of mobile phones,
computers,TV’s, high frequency lines & the wireless technology causes the numerous diseases such as Cancer,leukemia,tumor,hair loss,abortion,depression & even suicidal tendencies.
Tesla Plates are the only Natural Tools to provide protection from ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION which results in all kinds of COMPUTER RELATED INJURIES, ie- Pain, Stress, Fatigue, Depression, Suicidal Tendencies, etc, etc.
These are UNIVERSAL FREE ENERGY PRODUCTS [Pran] & are the only Natural Tools to provide protection from ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION which results in all kinds of COMPUTER RELATED INJURIES.
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