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How A Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic – The Journey Continues

Just as I began to wrap my head around humans being able to communicate with spirit and to “know” things, I was hit with the hardest blow of my life. I mentioned in my former post that I moved from my spirit-inhabited home to be closer to my family. The reason for this was that my mother became very, very ill. After being frightenely sick for months, she underwent exploratory surgery and was diagnosed with an extremely rare, deadly, and painful form of cancer. We were told she had no chance of living for more than a few months unless she opted to undergo a life threatening surgery that may not even work. So, her options were don’t get the surgery and die or do get the surgery and very possibly die anyway – with the chance that she may make it. What a shock! My mother is one of the strongest individuals I know, but I had seen her grow increasingly weak and lose weight after her bouts with this illness. And now, to hear this news.... It all happened within a matter of a few months.

Well, the next step was to make a decision and undergo 12 chemo treatments and then prepare for the surgery. My mother truly struggled with this decision. She was so very afraid of the chemo and the surgery. Our family flew into researching and looking into all options. We, of course, looked into more holistic and spiritual options. We didn’t want to totally distrust the medical personnel, but our guts were telling us that there had to be more. This just couldn’t be all. I think my recent experiences with the spirit, the medium, and Best American Psychics opened me up to other avenues. Although, I must admit, I wasn’t exactly sure how a person could heal my mother by working with energy or inserting pins into her. However, I wasn’t going to listen to my doubts. What did we have to lose anyway? So, I contacted a healer. She began working with my mother right away. As she did, she would call me to give me updates and tell me what impressions she got during the healing session. This too, was an eye opening experience for me. She would tell me things that I could match to my mother and her situation. It all made sense.

My mother reluctantly agreed to the chemo and still struggled with the decision on the surgery. She suffered immense side effects with the chemo and I took her an acupuncturist for relief. His work did help to lessen the pain for her. The healer continued to work with my mother through the chemo. Then, through my interviews with spiritual advisors and psychics on my site, I met a Reiki Master. I told her of my situation and she began working with my mother as well. During one of my radio show interviews, my mother called in for a reading. She asked whether she should go through with the surgery or not. She was told yes. She did not fully base her decision upon this, but it was a factor in making up her mind. After her chemo was completed, she underwent the surgery.

It was a horribly scary time for all involved. I have often times in my life found it hard to put my trust in humans, as my connection is decidedly more with four legged friends. This time was no exception and I leaned on my animals for support. Mom came through the surgery. The recovery was very long and very difficult. The cancer had spread, but they said they got all they could see. It was a miracle, even in the doctor’s opinion, that she didn’t have to have any of her major organs removed.

It has been a grueling six months since my mother’s surgery. She just came from her six month CT Scan the other day and the doctors found no visible sign of the cancer. This doesn’t mean it isn’t there at all, because hers is a microscopic kind, but it has not grown to any great extent. The lady that I first contacted to work with my mother told her during the summer that she saw a vision of my mother on her birthday with her family surrounding her. Guess what, we celebrated my mother’s birthday at the beginning of this month!

During this life situation, I have turned to a healer that works with Angels, an Acupuncturist, a Reiki Master, Mediums, and Psychics. They have all been there to provide support. I know that without their intervention, my mother may not be here with us today. That being said, I wish to make it clear that I am, in no way, suggesting that one ignore the advice of medical professionals. I am merely acknowledging that holistic health has a great deal to offer. I don’t know what the future holds, but I will be forever grateful to each of them. And, out of all this was born Best American Psychics’ sister company, Best American Healers. Again, a place for those that need help to find the best of the best!

We are very proud of Best American Healers even though it is in its infancy stage. We know it will one day be a directory full of individuals helping others just as these individuals have helped me in this situation. My story does not end here. The unraveling continues in my next blog, so check back!

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Comment by Best American Psychics on October 29, 2009 at 1:16am
Thank you so much Simona! God bless you as well.
Comment by Angelia Roseline on October 28, 2009 at 10:02pm
Thank you for sharing your story, what a terrible experience. But with happy ending. God bless your mother and all the experts involved in her healing!

Love & Light



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