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I'm sure by now, everyone has heard of how gratitude can enhace their lives on one way or another, or at the very least your mom told you should be grateful. Here is my experience of gratitude in combination with visualisation.

Gratitude can not only make you feel more peaceful and happy with your life, but it can enhance the power of affirmations, visualisation techniques and can help you attract more and more good into your life.

"As I express my gratitude, I find more reasons to be grateful"

My favorite form of gratitude, is when i thank the universe for bringing me something i haven't yet recieved.
This is the technique I used to attract my first car.
Every day I would visualise myself driving my yellow Atos, i would hear the engine purring and feel the pedals under my feet and the wheel in my hands. The whole time I would say "Thank-you universe for my brand new yellow Atos!" "I am so happy and grateful for my beautiful car!"

I had no idea how I would get the car, no idea how I could pay for it. My dad had already said he could not manage to buy me a car, I knew my mom wouldn't be able to afford it. When I told my mom I was creating a car for myself, she told me not to get my hopes up, she told me she didn't want me to be dissapointed when it doesn't happen. I reacted by getting angry (not the best responce) and I said "Don't set me up for dissapointment, I am a powerful being, and I will have this car, it is already mine!"

So never be discouraged, when doubtful thoughts enter your mind, push them out and tell them "I am a powerful being, I can create whatever situation I desire"... never give up, just hold on to hope, and believe in yourself and your power. But also learn from my mistakes. By getting angry, I was creating negative emotions around my car. I now realise that it is not worth being angry at people when they discourage you. That is just how they have come to understand life. Their core beliefs are along the lines of "money doesn't grow on trees" and "you have to work hard to have nice things". Instead I feel compassion for these people and I pray for their enlightenment.

Perhaps if I had reacted differently, and put myself in a more calm, peaceful state, I would have attracted my car more rapidly. It took me 8 months of daily commited visualisations, affirmations and gratitude.

Now this may sound a little tiring, but if you choose to make it enjoyable, then that is exactly what it is. It is so much fun getting lost in my abundant thoughts, particularly because I know that thoughts are real forces (they can be scientifically measured), which means I am creating what I'm thinking, how exciting!!

So 8 months after I decided I had an Atos, I actually saw it. My dad phoned me and told me to come look at some cars that he could afford. I went along to the second hand car shop, and there sat a beautiful yellow Atos. That's no even the best part. Somehow this car had been registered twice, so the brand new car had to be sold at a second hand price, a price my dad could afford. What a miracle!

Thank-you dad for my beautiful car, I love her very much.

If you think this method sounds too time consuming, I ask you how you find time for that smoke break, or to watch TV, or to go buy that chocolate etc.?
Why not do you visualisations/affirmations every time you are walking somewhere, or on your trip to the loo, while you are driving, traveling by bus, waiting for a lift, all the inbetween moments that are lost to us, they are valuable, and its time to access their power.

So when you find yourself bored, look within, ask yourself what it is that you want, and get lost in your creative thoughts.

In Short:
-You are a wonderful powerful being capable of creating anything (and I mean anything)
-You are in control of how you respond to the world, and by making your responce positive, you attract positivity and visa versa
-Gratitude can accelerate the manifestation process, make you happier and more peaceful.
-Forgive those who discourage you, recognise that they too are wonderful and perfect spirits.
-Enjoy the process, indulge in it.
-Love every moment of your life, apprieciate everything.

Love and peace be with you always

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