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There was a day that the sun never shines on my face and the winter cold seeks my body to embrace, a day that my friends suffer for they cannot eat nor sleep. As I was sitting in my desk wondering why are they so frail while those people in power always give them something to fail. These people who are always pretending to be best, oh how I wish someday they would be in their eternal rest.

My friends cover themselves with pretentions and those fake smiles and joy they always revealed, yet their grief and torment are always sealed. Locked up into their minds for the sake of nobility and camaraderie, I could say that my friends have always been into come what may. What must be done in this kind of situation, were there is injustice and hunger resides every day?

One of my friends has been into a trial of hate and rate by those people who wear formal suits and called themselves great. He has been interrogated to demise, but kept his plea and sadly denies, “My family needs to eat and we need to live” as he says. What could be worse than containing you in a room full of condemnation and deprivation to face? He exits the room with honor and pride, for he fought for us side by side.

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