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Meditate for World Peace any time during the days December 31st and January 1st

It has been written in the ageless wisdom how the collective thoughts and desires of humanity for peace calls closer to earth a great being, the Spirit of Peace.  The Spirit of Peace has been coming nearer in the last 25 years, drawn closer by the millions who are praying for world peace. If you can, link with the millions of people meditating for world peace 5 minutes before midnight until 5 minutes after midnight, your time.

Celebration of Peace Meditation
Calling the Spirit of Peace
by Orin and DaBen

1.About five minutes before midnight, start by adjusting your posture so your body is comfortable and ready to enter into a state of peaceful meditation.  Breathe in, imagining you are drawing in light as you do.  Fill yourself with light with each breath in.  Send light to every part of your body.

2.Call your soul to you and imagine it surrounding you with light.  Your soul always responds to your call to it. The radiant light and loving presence of your soul joins its consciousness with yours, whether or not you are aware of it.  Let your heart center expand with love; your mind grow clearer, and your emotions become calmer and more peaceful.

3.Picture yourself as a radiant sun.  You are filled with light, becoming a transparent vessel of limitless light.

4.Sense the souls of millions of light workers who are meditating with you.  Observe your connection to these souls.  Notice that all of you are creating a beautiful light that surrounds the world.  The world is becoming radiant with the light of all of you joined together as souls.

5.Notice that the light of the Enlightened Ones, Masters, Guides, Angels, and Teachers on the other side are now linking together to form an interweaving pattern of light that surrounds the world and all light workers.

6.Pay attention to the light that flows from these Enlightened Ones to all the light workers, including yourself.  Fill yourself with the light, strength, courage, compassion, and joy that is being transmitted to you.

7.There is a being whose presence has been coming closer to the earth for years, called by all the souls who are seeking peace.  This is the Spirit of Peace, a very great being.  In our meditation together we will call upon the Spirit of Peace, the great Angel of Peace, to come and bless us with peace. 

8.At midnight, or whenever you can, join with everyone in meditation and call upon the Spirit of Peace, asking this Great Angel to touch the hearts of all humanity with peace.  This Spirit is a very real presence whose touch can create great changes.  Sound an inner or an outer "aum" (OM) with the certainty that you will be heard and responded to by the Spirit of Peace.

9.Experience the Spirit of Peace, this great Angel, focusing its awareness upon humanity, having heard the call.  Feel the response of this Angel as this Angel touches the hearts of all people. Open to receive this energy into your heart center.  Take a deep breath in and let the energy this Angel sends come into every level of your being.

10.Let this great Angel of Peace touch your life.  Reflect on how you could experience and create more peace in your own life, and thus contribute peace to the world.

11. Say to yourself, " Let the Spirit of Peace express itself through me. I now bring peace and harmony into my relationships.  I spread goodwill and kindness wherever I go.  I watch my thoughts; I release judgment and criticism.  I say loving things to others.  I speak words that spread love and light.  I radiate peace. I deserve to live in peace and harmony at all times."

12.Picture yourself as a radiant sun.  Allow your desire for peace in your own life and for humanity to direct the radiant light that you are outward. Imagine you are becoming a radiating center of peace and goodwill to others.

Picture joining thousands around the world as you radiate peace to:

•Your friends and family
•To all those who are responsive to your transmission
•To all light workers on the planet
•To all world leaders, so that they may guide their nations into peace
•To all humanity
•To the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms

Have no attachment to any results, for there may be none you can measure. You have just made a valuable and important contribution to all life.

Download Free Meditations by Orin & DaBen (channeled by Sanaya Roman)

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