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Message From Lord Raziel: The Cloak Of Darkness


I greet you Dear Ones, with enormous love, gratitude and respect from the Most High. Another week has passed, which has seen all of you progress in varying ways and degrees. No matter how small the kernel of insight is that you gain, it is always significant. I’ve spoken to you about the importance of laying strong foundations so never doubt that all insights are essential to your growth. I have also spoken about the need to not only gather these insights like a summer harvest but learn how to apply them successfully and consistently. In this last, I wish to offer some additional suggestions for you to ponder in the coming week.

As many of you have realized, new wisdom is presented to you in numerous ways. Yes, it would make it easier if it arrived in a set format so you could have advanced warning of its impending arrival and then take appropriate action, at the right time. We, in the angelic realm, realize that would be desirable as well but not practical for many reasons. To do so removes the element of self-discovery that is a critical factor in your ongoing growth and development. Consider, for a moment, allowing another to write a novel or produce a beautiful song for you. This creation goes on to become well known and heralded as a great accomplishment. Let’s say it becomes known internationally. Now arrives your often-quoted “15 minutes of fame” and the monetary benefit of this great masterpiece has filled your bank account and allowed you to begin to live the life of your dreams.

To many, this would appear to be an ideal situation but think closely on this. Where is the accomplishment? What effort have you truly put into the creation of this masterpiece? If you have not told the world of its real creator, do you think you would really be able to fully enjoy the benefit of the labor of another? To be content to take credit for another truly is neither good nor bad. As a spiritual seeker, however, what are your true feelings of this? Yes, all of you have arrived at great insights, have gathered great understanding, through your own efforts and most often accompanied by the currency commonly exchanged in such endeavors. That currency has been your willingness to learn and grow, despite the possibility of associated distress and pain. If you look closely into your heart and soul, you will see that very often some form of discomfort is part of the deal, so to speak. In fact, many of you are at a point where you seek out that solution that does not include this currency of misery.

I am not here today to say this is right or wrong. Each of you learn in your own fashion and many are beginning to realize that, surprisingly, discomfort is not always necessary to glean a lesson or insight that is of significant value. I have spoken to you about the importance of sharing your wisdom, challenges and triumphs and I add one other important component to this for you to consider. It is essential that you begin to accept situations fully without judgment, a factor I call the Cloak Of Darkness.

Consider the violent or sudden end to a young life. You mumble that that young person had so much potential, possessed so much enthusiasm for life and was loved by all they came in contact with. In the same breath, if the incident has involved violence, you condemn the perpetrator and often secretly wish for them to experience the same pain and humiliation. Can you not see an imbalance in this? Are you not aware that all things have a purpose? Think about the life of the soul who has sacrificed themselves. They were kindly, helpful and loved by all. Perhaps you might take this one step further and realize that there was a purpose in even this. Consider the death of a baby, who has never wronged another and yet is killed in a fit of rage or jealousy by a parent or stranger. It seems unfair to many, and yes, this Cloak Of Darkness, this illusion people sometimes harbor about a situation, is based only on a singular perspective, one that maintains what is commonly known as “polarity thinking”.

To assist in these times, I present to you an additional key, to be used in any manner you deem necessary. First, you must give up the faulty notion of imagining that you are cognizant of all things. The Creator makes no mistakes and most certainly does not wish for any to suffer needlessly. To see the true reality and purpose of a given event that you initially consider horrendous, I ask that you look beyond at the other players in the drama. Instead of making an instant judgment call, take some time to examine the impact and possible result of the action. You may never see it but you can use your imagination. Very often the results do not receive the headline status that the triggering events evoked but be certain that it resulted in an action taking place somewhere. The way that the individual was viewed by those around them prior to the incident assists in reinforcing this, simply because it provides such a dramatic counterpoint to the violence. Perhaps there was strife in a family and this incident served as a wake up call for each to look more closely at their appreciation of each other. Perhaps, it caused a parent to hug their child and make a firm commitment to love them even more. Maybe it caused one person to examine a way to assist families undergoing the grief associated with death and may even trigger them to finally realize their true role and mission in life. And of course, there is every possibility that the perpetrator, the real impetus of the tragedy, needed this situation to obtain the help required for their own problems.

None of us in the angelic realm condones senseless violence on another but we are very aware that there is always a purpose behind such things. To consider otherwise is to imply that we have an imperfect Creator. Very often that Cloak Of Darkness is a difficult accoutrement to part with but to give yourself every opportunity to learn and progress on your own spiritual path, you must be aware of it and take steps to do exactly that. If you don’t, you add additional negative energy not only to the situation but also to your own energetic bodies.

Please consider closely what I have said today, Dear Ones. You are the way showers, the pathfinders and the teachers for many who are seeking and we are extremely proud of each of you. Always remember this, Dear Ones, and that the love our Great and Divine Creator has for you is boundless. If you require anything at all, please call on us. We in the angelic have the utmost respect, gratitude and love for each of you.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Nov. 29/09)

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