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Mid-Week Message From Lord Raziel - The Realm Of Forgotten Creations


I greet you, Dear Ones, with enormous love, gratitude and respect from the Most High. Yes, I include respect for you are all worthy of that, more than you might imagine. Descending to your present state of having a physical body which hosts but a small portion of your true magnificence has involved a daily struggle for all of you. Many of you contend that if you are not always reacting from a place of high vibration in every situation, you are not fully embracing your divinity as true creators. For you are creators, make no mistake. Each of you has arrived in your present situation, regardless of how it may appear, with specific objectives. You have been inundated with people proclaiming that you have created your own reality – complete with what you consider “good” and “bad” events – and the purpose of this message is not to dwell on that point.

New ideas are constantly being placed in your individual and global consciousness, much of which is done by us in the angelic realm. Many may consider this as direct influence or interference, while still others will claim the idea as original and take full credit. It is of no consequence who lays claim. What is important is that these ideas and insights are shared with all because many could benefit. Each of you who are reading these words have made very significant contributions by sharing your triumphs and challenges with others. No matter how small they may appear to you, they have arrived solely by your own efforts to draw closer to your Source, our Great Creator. Does this surprise you? For many it will, simply because they believe that their own trials are unique and have been created by them, on some level, and therefore only relevant to them. Certainly, this is true to some degree but I ask that you look beneath and beyond this notion. Why have you purposefully drawn adversity into your daily lives? Often, it has taken great pain and sacrifice before your conscious mind is cognizant of the “lesson”. Why would you subject yourself to such pain and turmoil?

The answer to that holds many possibilities but underlying all of them is the spiritual evolution of your soul. Not only that, but a key component to learning each lesson involves the ability to consistently apply the wisdom you have gained. By sharing that, you allow untold numbers of others on their own unique path to benefit from your efforts. Do not waste energy with trying force another to accept or incorporate your wisdom exactly as you have. You are aware that each new incarnation allows you to gather fragments that are like pieces in a puzzle. You have often been told, and have vividly seen, that evolution of any type requires changes that are sequential and progressive. You are not the same person that you were a year ago or 15 years ago. Remember, a house cannot be built until a firm foundation is laid. A parable taught by the Christ speaks of the man who built his house on sand, which was destroyed in the first storm that blew on it. This is simply a confirmation that it is wise to ensure that one’s efforts do not work at cross-purposes to one’s goal. Your underlying goal, in this and every life you have lived, is simply to make every effort to draw closer to integration with your true soul essence and return to Source, return to the Great Creator. Many of you reading this are here now, at this point in Earth’s own evolutionary process, because you have reached a point in your own spiritual evolution that enables you to fully reintegrate with your soul completely. You may never again be required to take on a physical existence – unless by your choice - for the purpose of fully evolving as a spiritual being. Consider this, Dear Ones. You are all truly remarkable!

I wish to take a moment to offer a gentle reminder of what you term dimensions because it bears considerable relevance to my message today. You are aware that this term refers to rates or frequencies of vibration. Within each realm or dimension, you have the ability to create an actual reality, as real as what your physical senses tell you about your own surroundings. Many of you explore these at will and derive great comfort and understanding from these “journeys”. Each evening, most of you are nightly visitors to these realms, as you work with us and your Higher Self. In recent years, it has become a popular notion that each of you can have everything that you desire, simply by imagining it becoming real in one of these created environments. Your visualization of an outcome is not merely confined to some location in your limited 3 dimensional brain, no matter what you have been led to believe. Unfortunately, a key component has been sadly left out, and in some cases, purposely deleted. This crucial factor alone causes people to give up hope and prematurely cease their efforts in creating a more rewarding and satisfying life.

I call it The Realm Of Forgotten Creations. Every dream and aspiration is based on energy and one’s ability to create a specific reality from scratch. A great sculpture begins with a single block of marble, a painting from a blank canvas and a story from a piece of paper. Each creator must apply their own creative energy to seeing that idea take shape. Central to this process, of course, all of you know that there must be a grain of an idea to begin. The more effort and the more energy applied, the clearer becomes the outcome. This is simplistic and understood fully by all of you. As it applies to creating a life that you find rewarding and satisfying, you must include one other major component – intent. Intent carries an incredibly powerful energy that can determine whether the dream becomes reality or becomes stranded in The Realm Of Forgotten Creations. Let me explain a bit further.

You have been led to believe, through many erroneous teachings, that if you make a request to the Creator - or to us - and you don’t receive your desire immediately, that it was “not meant to be” or not “God’s will” that you have it. This type of rationalization is faulty and misleading. What you term miracles can certainly take place - and have – but the crucial element has been the intent behind the request. As I mentioned, this carries an energy of its own and this is the crux of what I wish to relay to you today. The real energy that fuels the success of your dream is intent.

Consider you have a large bill that is due. When you plead for help in paying, the energy behind the request is one of need, worry, anxiety and lack. As it applies to obtaining a lifestyle that you imagine would be comfortable, it’s important to consider the intent behind it. If it is done for reasons that involve selfishness, greed, jealousy or simply a response to media or advertising, the energy is often not compatible with your path or role and purpose. Here you arrive at a desire that works against what you are truly trying to accomplish. No, I am not telling you that you are undeserving of a comfortable lifestyle or abundance because you are. I am asking that you look a bit closer at the intent behind why you wish it.

Think about it this way. When your intent is based on any of those emotions that are often termed “low vibration”, it does not interfere with actually using thought and visualization energy to create it in another reality. We are all familiar with the alchemical axiom “As Above, So Below”. The difference is where this reality or dream is created. Low vibration energy cannot enter the higher planes and any efforts on your part to manifest anything that contains this energy, can only be worked with on the lower planes. Similarly, when it is eventually manifested - and it will, this is a Universal principle put in place from the point of Creation - it will become reality with this type of energy at its core.

If you really desire to enact changes to your immediate environment, please consider making them based on love, compassion or even how it will be used to assist others. The latter is by far the most powerful. By doing this, and adding the fuel of your own thoughts, it can be created on a much higher dimension. This does not mean it is “further” from your 3 dimensional reality. Remember, dimensions are not actual physical locations. It may appear to take considerably more effort on your part, but here lies another magical key that I wish to offer you, that can make a real difference in your efforts.

All of us who are assisting you now - all of your guides, tutors and mentors - exist as beings of pure energy and our home or residence vibrates at a much higher frequency than that of your 3 dimensional reality. Ask us for help. It really is as simple as that. Where you create your realities or dreams - based on love, willingness to be of service, compassion and gratitude - it is within our playground, our own backyard, so to speak. It’s like going next door to your neighbors and offering to help hang curtains. By requesting our help in the creation process, you are opening yourself to assistance in so many different forms. We can suggest ideas when you work with us and these dreams each night, we can offer gentle nudges so you can take positive actions in your physical reality that are needed to successfully manifest them much more quickly. We can even assist you with fine-tuning the dream or desire by working directly with you in the planning stages right through to the manifestation. The key is that you have to be precise in your requests to us.

One final point on this, Dear Ones. If the energy behind your intent to manifest a dream or even a more comfortable lifestyle is based on and created with high vibration energy, it will remain as a reality for far longer than ones grounded in greed, envy, arrogance, jealousy or a false sense of entitlement. This is because it more closely matches not only the vibration of your soul and your mission of service but also your desire to draw closer to our Great Creator. Many of you have realities and dreams in The Realm Of Forgotten Creations that are still intact. Use my key. Ask for our help in determining which of them are truly in your highest and greatest good and which ones are not. Request that we provide the means for you to determine what dreams to let go of and which ones to continue adding your intent to. What is essential one day, may have no significance or purpose a short time later. We have a much broader view and much more insight into your true purpose in this lifetime. When you ask for our help, it does not always arrive in a manner you may fully recognize or on a timeframe that you deem reasonable but know that we do work tirelessly on your behalf. If your intent is sincere, please know that we put enormous effort into seeing it manifested for you. We want to see you joyous and successful in all things. Please never doubt this, Dear Ones.

I offer a final few words of gratitude and enormous love from our Great Creator, and those of us assisting as your guides, mentors, tutors and protectors, for your continued efforts. Please know that every small act that you perform in kindness and compassion echoes through the higher realms as a most beautiful symphony.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channled by Nick Nash - Nov. 25/09)

Blog: Walking In Dreamtime

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Namaste! Nick, the Bright Sorcerer

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Comment by Carla Janse van Rensburg on November 27, 2009 at 12:13am
What a beautiful massage! my love to u!



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