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What is your view of the year 2012 being identified as a time of unprecedented collective change and transformation?
We are already in a time of unprecedented change and transformation!

What is significant about 2012 is that it may be the turning point of that transformation—both as a low point in terms of crisis and challenge, where the collapse of many vital environmental and social systems converge, as well as a high point in technological innovation and social breakthroughs. Not that it happens overnight or even in a single year, but more like an alcoholic who’s been heading toward bottom for a long time, finally waking up to reality and beginning the healing process. With this awakening, all things begin to turn around.

Many phases of culture have risen and fallen as humanity has climbed the evolutionary spiral through time. At the height of each era, there is enough abundance (or problems) for something new to begin—for humanity to start shifting to the next level. The new movement starts on the fringe around the time the previous paradigm crests. The abundance allows enough freedom for this beginning, and the problems of the times generate a counter-movement with a new way of thinking.

Here’s how it plays out:

Hunting and gathering was the main operating system since homo sapiens walked on two feet. With the discovery of farming, this began to wane as agriculture and animal husbandry became the norm. Massive irrigation projects at the end of the Neolithic period produced a plentiful food supply, enabling the start of great empires around 3000 BC, and the use of writing to keep track of supplies. The period of empire has continued to this day, with its height of industrial prosperity in the last century. This abundance and freedom from survival enabled the start of the consciousness revolution or heart-based paradigm we are now entering.

As the new paradigm increases, the old paradigm wanes. As the new paradigm grows, there comes a point where it reaches critical mass and surpasses the old. Then the decline of the previous paradigm moves more rapidly and the new form becomes mainstream.
2012 is the point in our era where the decline of the old paradigm is evident to everyone, and the new paradigm reaches enough critical mass to move into the mainstream.

You can also correlate the organizing principles of these paradigms to the chakras. The first one, hunter-gathering, is oriented to survival and very earth oriented (chakra one). The second movement corresponds to procreavity (chakra two) — a massive increase in population made possible by the ability to grow enough food. The Age of Empire was a third chakra modality, created by domination and conquest. The fourth chakra era we are now entering began with a consciousness revolution that included nature, spirituality, feminism, human rights, and the technology for collective networking.

The Great Awakening of our times is a movement from the Love of Power to the Power of Love — a shift in the central organizing principle for human society across the globe. This is a shift from a chain of command to a web of connection, from an ego system to an ecosystem, from competition to collaboration, markets to networks, stockholders to stakeholders, hierarchy to holarchy, and war to peace, to name just a few of the trends. It is also a rite of passage from cultural adolescence to planetary adulthood.

In your view, what is the best way to respond to these challenging times? What can we do to align with the shift in a way that is most supportive of personal and collective evolution?

There’s many things that each of us can do in our own lives to facilitate this process and raise consciousness to the next level, from third chakra to fourth chakra. This occurs by:

• Evolving our consciousness through spiritual practices
• Healing the wounds of our past
• Going green in every way that we can, including spending more time in nature
• Balancing masculine and feminine in all aspects of life, both in terms of values, and political/social gender equality
• Moving from individual to collective well-being
• Practicing compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and love
• Retooling the economing from greed to green and from military-industrial to eco-social
• This is the beginning of our planetary adulthood, the maturity to clean up after ourselves, take care of our planet, and realize that serving the whole is a greater evolutionary thrust than serving ourselves — and ultimately more rewarding.

It took billions of years for evolution to advance to enough consciousness that we could become conscious of evolution, and even more for us to get to the point where we can consciously evolve. The future is in our hands. We cannot wait until 2012 to begin this process. Rather 2012 will show the fruits of our efforts at a vitally crucial time. Now is the time to get the future right.

by Anodea Judith, PhD

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