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Nutritional Supplementation and Positive Thinking

I currently work for a Company that manufactures and distributes Natural Health products, Including herbs, vitamins, minerals and even tinctures. Having grown up in a home where natural alternatives to medicine were the norm and working in the industry, has made nutritional supplementation a daily must for me. So I am often surprised when I meet people that do not even take a multivitamin.

I do however believe that a person can go without supplementation if the diet is adequate (and the mind healthy). But my idea of an adequate diet is one with no processed foods, at least 8 different veggies and fruit per day, no additives, all organic, anti-biotic free meat, or even no meat. This is a very difficult way to live in this day and age, and it is also a more expensive way to eat (At least it is in South Africa, I have heard a vegan diet it is more available in other parts of the world). Although I try my best to eat this way, there are few days when I am able to. For this reason, I believe supplementation is vitally important.

We all know that health is important. If you have a healthy mind in a healthy body, then you are happier, lighter and more peaceful. So I just love to help people move towards health. More happy people = Better Atmosphere = More joy in the world = More love in the world etc. So it's just another great way to spread love. And if it is recommended with love as the intention, then the results have to be good, right?

So I always find myself very concerned with people's health. I love to give advice, and help people to find the correct herbs for their ailments. But some these people find that it does not work for them. So why is it that some people can benefit and others cannot? Many will also ask my advice, I will go off and research and scrucionize and decide on what I feel would be best for the particular person. And after all this I will give them my advice, and not even two days later, they are coming to me with a new ailment and a complaint that their previous ailment is still bothering them. This is what I call a hypochondriac. For these people (although they would probably not agree with me) the problem is not the ailments, but rather their need for attention. It is also possible that it is some other emotional problem, but the point being that it is emotional.

My theory is as follows. I have noticed that the people, who have no luck with supplementation, are the ones who don't really believe that they deserve health. This is not something they have said to me. It is something you can see. Those are not convinced it will help them, those who forget to take it etc. they don't believe they deserve health. Or those who are continually sickly, as discussed above.

I have made it a habit to bless my food, and supplements before taking them. I also put out the intention that my body will absorb all the necessary nutrients, and pass the rest through. I am convinced that this is partly why I’m so healthy. If you do not believe that supplementation will work for you, then don't even try it, because it won't. How can you expect your body to heal, if you do not put the intention out for healing? How can you expect your body to absorb nutrients, if you are focused on being ill? How can you expect to gain health if you are busying yourself with thinking about your ailments? If you want health, think healthy thoughts. You have the power to change your body, and only you. Not a doctor, it’s up to you.

An excuse I have often heard is as follows; I don't think it will work for me, but it's worth a try. Wrong! If you don't believe, you will not achieve. In fact, you can heal anything with just your mind. Supplementation is just a booster, something to help your healing along. But no healing will occur if you do not heal the mind as well. This has been proven countless times by the placebo effect. Many have claimed to have dissolved their cancer by using the power of their minds. I can think of at least two people off the top of my head. I have seen so many miracles in healing. Things happen every day that doctors and scientists cannot explain.

I think it is important to recommend a book now. Louise L. Hay - "You Can Heal Your Life"

And now I will tell you why. In her book Louise talks much about the power of our thoughts and how they affect our health, but more specifically, what specific thought patterns are linked with certain diseases. She believes that all disease stems from a state of unforgiveness or lack of self love.

The hardest part about this theory, is accepting the fact that all your problems; physical, emotional, circumstantial; are all self created. They stem from a belief within you, that doesn’t support you.

Guilt, anger, resentment, hatred etc. Are all feelings that we are not good enough. But what are we not good enough for? We are the ones that decide what we stand for, and don’t stand for. Why do we participate in negative self talk?

In my opinion, these emotions are insanity. Now I’m not saying that you are crazy. I of course also have my own health problems and negative feelings. But when they pop up, I like to explain to myself, that these feelings are insane, to help me to release them.

You feel guilty about something you did last week (it doesn’t matter what it is), but last week no longer exists, so you are sitting fretting and stressing and creating diseases, over something that does not exist. That is insane. Let it go. Forgive yourself.

The funniest part about this post, is now that I’m at the end, I realise that I am once again writing about forgiveness, without that being the intention. I wonder what that means. Perhaps there is something I need to forgive today?

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