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One Fifth of the world lives on less than $1.00 a day

Traditional means of credit and financial support are not aiding those in need. Microloans are used to help people living in extreme poverty start or expand a range of tiny businesses such as weaving and tailoring, husking rice, tea and coffee production, and delivering cell phone services to remote villages.
Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB) follows the vision of 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Muhammed Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank which is collectively owned by 6.5 million women, and Micro Credit Summit and Results founder Sam Daley Harris to see micro loans and financial training available to everyone. The Women of Koch live in one of the most violent slums in the world. In Korogocho, generations of HIV infected women are starving and without hope. HUB initiated micro loan programs and within seven weeks the same women grouped together, self proclaimed as “no longer sick but empowered”, and resourced by local HUB organizations, were beading bracelets with sales guaranteed through HUB’s Global Market Place. http://tinyurl.com/EflyerVideo

We know the old models of non-profit are failing; non-profits are on a constant fundraising treadmill and it gets tougher for them every year to receive consistent funding as more non-profits emerge. We see this all the time, where large donations are made for two or three years, but as soon as that funding runs out, there is a scramble for more funds and more often than not great programs now must fold due to lack of resources.

We know that Americans donate just over 4% of their income, and barely 2% tithe. Even though we hear of the large Bill Gates and Warren Buffet donations, the reality is that most great non-profits are extremely underfunded. A donor’s dollar spent will never come back to be reused and there are so many wonderful non-profits all competing for the donor dollar, and as a result, they are isolated in the work they do.

When the United Nations World Food Programs stated they had a 70% funding shortfall, we witnessed 250,000 people in immediate famine. Non-profits by nature are road mapped to go out of business. Over $2 Trillion dollars has been pumped into Africa in the last 30 years, most of which left no sustainable benefits for the people or communities. A dollar comes in and is used, never to be seen again. What we’re interested in is creating a recycling of dollars and helping people move from survival, through self-empowerment, to sustainability.

“Aid alone won’t make poverty history. We’ve got to teach fishermen to fish”
– Nelson Mandela

Within HUB, together we are creating a breakthrough economic engine that will drive a comprehensive global sustainability plan in the places it is most needed. HUB's mission is to move all people of the world from survival to self-sustainability. This movement is committed to returning dignity back to nations. "We don't just give a man a bag of grain; we teach him how to grow the grain himself in the future." http://tinyurl.com/EflyerVideo

We are a global family of entrepreneurs committed to excellence. We act as a catalyst for personal and financial freedom and the actualization of bold dreams. Our collective vision is to positively influence the lives of people on a scale so massive that we virtually change the world.
If you ever wanted to directly help people who are struggling to feed themselves, have clean water, and become truly sustainable, then you can do that through HUB. If you are looking for a way to financially sustain yourself, while doing something that is in total alignment with your spiritual heart, and serve the planet all at the same time HUB is for you.

Our mission is to move all people of the world from survival to self-sustainability. This movement is committed to returning dignity back to nations.

Humanity Unites Brilliance is a model for the future in humanitarian aid and philanthropy as a whole. Be a part of a new shift in consciousness. http://tinyurl.com/EflyerVideo

Zachery Robert Davis


Humanity Unites Brilliance

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Thank you for posting this article.

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