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One of my writings about Open Mindedness and how I view life in general

Open Mindedness

It is best to stay strong to your convictions as long as it is for the good

However when one doesn’t conform or agree to your ideal or beliefs,

It is better to understand and respect theirs as well as yours;

Some tend to think that their way is the only way,

Harboring ill feelings or one sidedness;

It is comprehensible that in this massive universe we live in,

Variety is the spice of life;

Look at the different cultures, societies and languages;

If everybody had the same philosophies, viewpoints and dreams,

It would be like having night without day, day without night-

Only heat not cold, vice versa;

One with out the other would be pretty monotonous;

Everybody is so unique in his or her own way;

We don’t particularly have to agree with one another,

Therefore it is better to pray for one and all;

No matter what the others view is, we are all equal,

From the same source of our creator;

Wisdom is not who is right or wrong,

It’s not about who should be heard are shouldn’t be heard,

But an admiration for one’s well being;

It is how we conduct ourselves and behave, proper mannerism,

Silently bow out and be graceful;

A wise man listens and observes, he does not boast or brag;

He is humble and meek; he will not cause a disturbance

That only destroys the inner self and peace among what a human life stands for

It’s a balance of nature, goodwill towards one another;

An understanding of our own faithfulness

Instead of taking words or situations out of context or

misinterpreting what you think you perceive;

The eye can play tricks

It is not always what we see;

The ear doesn’t always hear what was said;

Misunderstanding can lead to destruction, chaotic decisions

Cloud up our insight;

Open mindedness opens up many doors,

Gives us an initiation of consciousness, emits light to the dark;

Even through our pains, sufferings, and tribulations,

We are able to overcome the ordeals of life by being unbiased;

Prayer and fortitude will make us strong and abiding;

Everybody deserves happiness whether good or bad;

We are all of one family, connected to the globe

The world in which we live, one in being with the Father (Amen)

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