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To fully appreciate adversity in our lives, it is essential to understand its purpose. This ascension process finds many of us undergoing numerous challenges that require us to let go of people and situations in our lives that no longer serve our highest and greatest good. The trials can be devastating at times but it's essential that we keep in mind that this is Spirit's way of assisting us, as far as our spiritual and energetic evolution.

At this time, many Light Workers are being presented with innumerable opportunities to balance karma; this is a key component to progressing towards their ability to access and utilize higher vibration energy. Angels, as well as returning ascended masters and starseeds have been performing this over the last several years but there has never been such a pronounced global phenomenon as now.

Another key aspect to keep in mind, as we weave our way on the Ascension path, is that each new challenge faced, allows us to access a whole new set of guides. If they did not think we were suitably educated or experienced, the level of difficulty would never increase. The simple fact is that they believe in us. I draw incredible strength from this admission every single day. There is a direct correlation with muscle growth, in that it takes steadily increased resistance to improve stamina and strength. Each adversity gives us the chance to really see how powerful and empowered we truly are....and the sheer number of spiritual guides, protectors and mentors we have access to. Raziel has suggested I remind you of one of his recent messages entitled "The Silent Ones" which details a magical tool that will allow you to access a whole set of "specialist" guides.

So when adversity strikes, regard it as a temporary condition that you have the skills to overcome. You're not being punished but rather purified. If these occurrences are happening more frequently, know that you have been placed on the "fast track" and you will be needed in the very near future. Whatever the mission or role, only you have the experience, talents, wisdom and training to fulfill it.

Never doubt that the Creator always chooses wisely.

By LORD RAZIEL and Nick Nash

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Namaste! Nick, the Bright Sorcerer

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