Network of Open-Minded People on their Spiritual Journey

World Association of Persons with disAbilities [WAPD]
is, with the assistance of some of the world's brightest
and renown consultants, completing the ramping up of
it's mission to assist people to have financial prosperity.
WAPD will add 21st century, Relationship Marketing or
Home Based businesses to the efforts of the Obama
administration in putting people back to work by owning
their own businesses

The WAPD ministry, under the umbrella of the Jabez
Missionary Church of God, will empower millions of
people, not just the disabled, to increase their cash/
money holdings via getting back to the basics that
were in effect during the early days when America
was founded.

Thousands of seminars/conventions will be held on
the North American continent. People will be guided
to various opportunities and methods for having the
financial prosperity they wish for their lives.

EXCITING days are ahead as we see the Re-Birth
of Financial Prosperity!

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Comment by Dr George Kerford on February 23, 2009 at 1:56pm
Thank you Simona!
Comment by Angelia Roseline on February 22, 2009 at 4:12pm
George, it's a great message. I strongly believe that we can create a very different world together.
I am looking forward new and much better reality.



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