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Pink Azeztulite

The ‘ Stone of Love & Light’,
bringing forth a joining of energy within and all around, that of Love and that
of Light.

is a beautiful creation from Mother Earth to her children. This stone
flushes pure energy throughout each minor and major energy centres, as well
throughout the physical body, to clear and open them to accept what is within
and available all around to all beings - That of Love & Light. The Divine

A stone that resonates well with the Heart energy centre and
the Crown energy centre. Using both of these to gain and form connection to
higher realms. Rhodazez is beneficial in forming communication’s to Angelic
beings for assistance in deep healing, especially where there has been
unfortunate events of emotional hurt and abuse, as well as abandonment and
sudden loss.

makes a very good stone to be given to spiritually aware children who need to
feel secure and safe, bringing a knowing and sense of being watched over from
Angelic Beings.

A stone to diminish feelings of abandonment, of being
lost and of being lonely. Rhodazez brings the “Mothers Touch” and the “Fathers
Safety” within a single touch.

Use this stone to soften and bring
peaceful energies to tense and heavy atmospheric areas. As well as to attract
protective light beings around the home where babies and children play and

makes a very good companion to the being who has a connection to the gentler
Nature Spirits, as well as making a very special gift to such beings.

very mystical offering of this stone, is that it can truly “open the eyes” to
kingdom’s of Nature Spirits and to Angelic World’s, especially within children
who already hold an innocence and purity of spirit enough to communicate with

help’s to soften and lighten the beings energy within and outer. Bringing
peace that will shine through the whole aura. This in turn attracts that of
matching energies.

“Love is more than a feeling, it is a knowing, Light
is more knowing, it is a feeling”

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