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Religion fanatics are like cheap dresses that can be thrown away or taken for granted. They have no use to society because they are hypocrites and users of what they call “god.” Worst, they tend to break the union of people because of the different kinds of principles and ideology that they acquire in their dogmatic structural religion. I may not be a fan of religion, but I know that peace can only be gained through unity among people.

All I see are these religious organizations taking the people apart, breaking them into many pieces. That is why I don’t believe in spirits because it is a sign of hypocrisy, and there is no proof that the so called “god” exist. It is a waste of time to live a life with fear to that you cannot see; you are only scaring yourself if you believe in heaven and hell or believe in eternal salvation and eternal damnation.

These are just hoax which are created to scare humans because these so called “religion” wants to have supreme power over the inferior and ignorant. In my own opinion, Faith is just a leeway for man to escape from the reality of hunger, poverty and death. I mean, who wants to die with their eyes open because of hunger and poverty.

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