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Gratitude and appreciation will raise your vibration, open your heart, and elevate you from even the darkest of places.

In appreciating and feeling grateful for something or someone, you essentially 'receive' it (i.e. the very essence you feel grateful for), as well as give to it from your heart, which effectively aligns your vibration to it, and directs your focus, attention and energy towards it.

Gratitude attunes your heart and mind to that which is positive in your life.

When you feel grateful you get to experience the beautiful qualities of that which you feel grateful for. It connects you to what you love and appreciate which enhances your state in a graceful and magical way.

Gratitude is the sweet song of appreciation. It turns an experience, person or event into a gift that is received, for when you appreciate and feel grateful, you literally let the experience/quality in, and you also give to it. It is a wonderful exchange of positive energies.

Whatever you focus on grows, so when you appreciate someone, see their value and beauty and feel grateful for it, those qualities will expand and grow in your life.

When you focus on everything in your life you have to feel grateful for, and all the wonderful things, experiences and people you appreciate, the universe hands you more of the same. It's a fantastic abundance expanding experience.

You might like to keep a gratitude journal and write down at the end of each day 10 things you feel grateful for over the last 24 hours to assist you in experiencing more of this wondrous, generative, heart-opening energy of gratitude!

"Gratitude is a powerful tool. If you will allow yourself to feel grateful, your processing and programming can work immeasurably better. ... As you feel grateful for what you have, you start having more things about which to feel that gratitude."

- Lazaris

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