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The full moon in Pisces can lead you to be ultra sensitive to both the world's challenges and to your own plight as well. You may experience a stronger sense of suffering for your own situation or your loved ones. Now is not the time to usher those feelings away. Rather accept them, allow them to flow through you and offer help those who are suffering in any way you can. Be compassionate and helpful to all who need it on this lovely night.

It is also a time in which psychic abilities and imagination will flourish. Pay extra attention to your dreams as they may be a source of valuable insight and information. Feel free to embrace your new feelings about health and wellness, spirituality and your ultimate purpose in life as it is time to come to an acceptance of things you may not necessarily have the answers to currently. This acceptance will open your mind and soul to valuable messages that will lead you down the path you need to follow.

This spiritual full moon gives us a excellent opportunity to journal and work on or embark on a new spiritual path. It is a beautiful time to immerse yourself in the stillness and beauty of the night. A truly blissful time to provide a tonglen meditation for your loved ones or for the expanse of the universe. You yourself, may feel a stronger connection with the spirit and therefore may gain added guidance and stronger intuition. It is an ideal time for healing rituals and meditations dedicated to yourself, your loved ones and friends and the global community.

If you are planning any rituals tonight - try using a little sandlewood in an essential oil or incense. Sandlewood is known to open up imagination, and provide a calming environment for meditative purposes.


The Energy of the Full Moon is a powerful energy. There are many rituals and beliefs in various cultures and religions on the use of moon energy. At Spiritual Market we believe the full moon is a time for healing, a time for recharging your spirit and a time for renewing your enhancers with the vibrant energy of the full moon!

The following is my list of favourite Full Moon Rituals that you can do tonight!

* Fill a pitcher or jug with water and leave it out overnight in the light of the full moon. The next day-use this water to cleanse your crystals and reinvigorate them with the energy of the full moon! Use this re-energized water to not only cleanse your crystals, but to wash your face to leave you feeling renewed from this pure energy blast or wash counters, floors-anything you feel could benefit from the magical moon!

* You recently cleansed or smudged your crystals? Take it one step further and place your crystals on the windowsill for the evening, or put them in a crystal bowl and leave them outside under the light so that they can capture the moon's energy directly!

* Using the Full Moon for Prosperity! It is said that during a full moon you should leave your wallet and checkbook open for it to receive the moons full energy. It may not bring you millions, but it may help to ensure that you have enough for the month to pay the bills!

* Do you enjoy traditional symbolic Feng Shui? Then, I'm sure you've heard about the feng shui money frog or toad. Legend has it that this mythical creature appeared every full moon by or near homes that would receive abundance-whether it be wealth or good news! If you have him-place him in the light of the moon, and in the morning-return him to your wealth area or inside by your front door looking in!

* Looking for love? In a red ceramic or glass bowl-arrange stones or glass beads in the bowl (purple, red , and pink work well). Next, stand up 3 red or pin candles in the bowl. Light the candles on the night of the full moon and focus on the light burning bright against the moon. Ensure your intention is that this light will bring you love-new lover-or deeper love!

* Your own power image! You've read many times that an image of a moon brings renewed energy, focus and concentration. What better image than one you take with your own camera-a full moon you've seen with your own eyes! Print it and place it on your desk or child's desk for increased focus!

* The high potency of the full moon encourages fertility, passion and abundance - Write your wishes for them with a silver pen and then burn them in a candle flame under this full moon!

Moon meditation is extremely powerful as the full moon is a time to draw down the energy of the moon and connect to it.

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