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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Silent Ones


I greet you, Dear Ones, with love, gratitude and respect from the Most High. To many of you, it appears that time is no longer what you have perceived it to be. You are becoming aware that it can speed up or slow down, without your awareness, and yet you can detect no reason for this discrepancy. In times past, many of you have been employed in jobs which found you watching a clock and making an apparent futile wish for it to race madly forward. In those moments of pleasure, with friends or loved ones, you have often wished for it to remain in place but, once again, that illusion of time marches on, totally disregarding your pleas of intervention.

In recent months, however, something has happened and you sense it within your very being. Days and weeks can seem to pass by in a blink, while you occupy your time, efforts and consciousness on the tasks at hand. Yes, this Ascension process has often seemed to weave literal magic when it comes to the illusion of time in your reality. Many of you are already well aware of this magic taking place and the reason seems just within your grasp and then flees, only to reappear for further analysis. Is time really speeding up? Is your earth somehow revolving quicker to give you shorter days, taking along all of your time devices in its path?

The answer to that is actually somewhat complicated but the root answer is no. However, there are factors at play during this countdown – for a countdown of sorts is what you are experiencing – that bear illumination. As I have told you many times, as have many others from the angelic realm, almost every one of your sleep periods finds a part of you alert and very much alive in spirit form, hard at work on the higher planes. So much so that you can instantly connect and visit many of those places that you return to your physical body with only a dim memory of. The transfer of your consciousness is instantaneous. A mere thought can take you take to places that hold unimaginable beauty and wonder that you can often detect right at the point of sleep. Very often you regard these as simply visions in your mind or a product of your exhausted consciousness and sometimes, just a bit of wishful thinking. It is important at all times, but especially during these visions, that you open your mind to incredible possibilities. So many of you have intimate friends and even family who await you when you journey, beings from races you can only imagine.

I will make a suggestion to you, Dear Ones, and I ask that you consider this strongly, for it has the potential to assist you in ways that will become evident only after you begin. I will ask that you prepare for bed a half hour earlier that usual. Get comfortable and say your nightly prayers of gratitude to The Great Creator. Address us, your teachers, tutors and mentors, and request that we give you an image of some place that you desire to visit. Ask to see your true home, another inhabited world, a quiet place where you work with us or even to experience the sensations of traveling through a higher realm at the speed of thought or a simple crawl. Empty your mind of all worries and concerns of the day and breathe deeply for 2 or 3 complete cycles. An image will begin to appear on your inner screen and all you need do is imagine that reality opening up around you. Request a guide to meet you, if you wish, your Higher Self or even a family member or friend. They may not appear as you might imagine for the ties you hold dear in your 3 dimensional reality are not the only ones that are important to your soul essence. Your powers of creation in those realms will astound you if you choose to accept that you are truly experiencing another reality.

No, your earth is not speeding up, Dear Ones, it is you who have become more accustomed to a reality without linear time.

My message today would be incomplete if I did not include another key to assist you on your journey and development. As the intensity of the energies reaching you escalates and intensifies, many of you have found it necessary to spend more time alone with your thoughts, enjoying the aspect of just "being". One product of this introspection, as many of you have noticed, is an increase in your need to express yourself in a creative way. At one time, watching the television or reading a good book stimulated you sufficiently but many have found those pastimes no longer hold the same appeal. You want to express yourself in your own unique way. Although it may not seem related, you are all undergoing experiences and challenges that you have little or limited experience in dealing with, let alone overcoming. In both of these, I wish to offer you another magical key to apply as you deem necessary and appropriate.

Many of you are very aware that you have Guides and Protectors. In fact, many of you have felt, seen or communicated directly with them on many occasions, sometimes consciously while other times you may think you are simply imagining this beautiful interaction. You are also aware that each teacher, tutor and mentor that you work with has specific skills or wisdom and it is their job to create situations where you can consciously recall and apply their instruction. Yes, you work with them almost every evening during the sleep period and you are very aware of this. Once they have taught you what they have agreed to, they leave and move on to others and assist them in much the same way. New ones arrive that take you to the next level of awareness, wisdom or skill level. Most of you on a spiritual path may be surprised to know that you have likely worked with numerous guides already who have moved on, after imparting you with their wisdom and experience. With this Ascension, many of you are experiencing challenges and adversity – including ways to express your creativity in a personally rewarding manner – that are unique. What if I told you that you had access to specialists for every one of these unique challenges?

I refer to them as The Silent Ones. They are souls who possess incredible knowledge and experience and can be considered, in every way, as specialists. And because they are not assigned to any one particular soul’s evolution, they are immediately available. Imagine that you have a tough interview to attend and need a bit of help with clarity of speech, softening the atmosphere or even how to prepare. Consider the urge you’ve always had to write that novel but never seemed to get past the planning stage. Your best friend has lost a loved one and you want desperately to console and assist but find you are unsure of how to do that. In all of these situations, and any others you can imagine, there is a specialist guide waiting to assist you. They are very real and they can provide you with very real assistance.

To connect with one of these wonderful mentors, all you need to do is ask. Ask The Great Creator. Ensure you begin this in a reasonable amount of time before the actual activity. Explain what you need, in as great or as little detail as you are comfortable with and then request that The Creator send you a temporary guide to assist you. Conclude with your gratitude and then spend a few moments in silence, expressing your love. You may not feel them immediately but you can request some type of sign that they have arrived and are ready to begin work with you. Talk aloud. Ask questions. Listen for responses in your mind. You will begin to recognize their thoughts as they intertwine with yours. It may sound just like your own voice or it may have different inflections. Never dismiss anything as random or ridiculous. Remember, these are souls with expert knowledge and have been picked specifically for you by The Creator. They offer their help willingly, if your intent is sincere and your goal does not involve exploitation or injury of another, in any way.

When the project is complete, offer them your gratitude and if you have enjoyed the collaboration, request that they return at another time. This is truly a magical key that holds the promise of unlimited assistance for you on your journey. Use it as you feel led to.

I conclude with offering you the enormous love and gratitude from our Great and Divine Creator and from those of us who work as your teachers, tutors and protectors. We are incredibly pleased at your progress, although you may consider it slow and difficult. Please hold this thought, Dear Ones, that you truly are remarkable and very worthy of our love and respect.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Dec. 6/09)

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