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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Chalice Of Love



I greet you, Dear Ones, with love, respect and gratitude from the Most High. It is always a great honor to address you on behalf of our Creator and the numerous enlightened Beings Of Light who assist each of you at every moment. The love aspect of my salutations each week is much more than simply an idle word of greeting and it is important that you are aware fully of this. At any given moment, each of you is enfolded in great love and yet often you have chosen to forget this, as the trials and challenges of daily life occupy your thoughts and actions. Certainly, you must have priorities when it involves use of your energy but please keep in mind that our comfort and our love is merely a whisper away.

Why all this talk of love, you might ask? You are very aware that love, joy and laughter represent extremely high vibrations when enacted, either voluntarily or not. You have noted in your journey the effects possible when you become connected energetically with one who displays low vibration emissions of energy. Complaining, anger, distrust, envy, boasting and bragging, lying, cheating and the general belittling of others – you have all been forced apparently to be around people who remain in this energetic vibration and it can be intensely uncomfortable. You have also noted that this energy can very easily become a part of you, even if you have taken necessary steps to limit your exposure. There are innumerable factors for this to occur within your life and some of them are outside of your conscious control.

That short statement – “outside of your conscious control” – may appear to run counter to all I have told you about energy and can be intensely distressing when only viewed from a specific perspective. Chances are above average that you encounter this type of energy in a situation that is designed to facilitate your protection, safety or security, in some form, such as a job or living arrangement. You consider yourself to be on a spiritual path, willing and able to be of service to The Creator, and yet it seems you are consistently in contact with others whose vibration is not fully congruent with yours. It is important that I gently remind you, Dear Ones, that any such situation is one which you have asked to participate in, for any number of reasons. Very often these challenges are designed to assist and essentially force you to find ways to remain relatively unaffected by the low vibration energy. Other times, they occur to assist others and this is a huge component that you must take note of. So many of you are stepping into your own power, wisdom and strength as truly enlightened beings. The ways you choose to counter or neutralize these emotional energies has arrived through many obstacles and challenges. If you can be affected adversely, even while maintaining your high vibration, it stands to reason that others, who are far less equipped and educated, are having a difficult time. While you may not have asked for it verbally, the reality is that you are now all examples to these people. They are watching you silently in the hope of understanding and incorporating into their lives the actions you take. The ancient adage that, “Actions speak louder than words” is particularly apt, for many are watching you, Dear Ones.

In my past messages, I have sought to illuminate and bring you small insights that are important to understand on this often perilous and difficult Ascension Path that each of you chose. In combination, they represent some powerful techniques that will allow you to view actions in a new light. I’ve spoken about the importance of gratitude for all that is in your life and of the very special Beings of Light who act as your Joy Guides and will bring along situations that will allow you to experience more joy just by simply asking. You have also been made aware that not everything is as might appear on the surface and have provided some tools to assist you in determining your own unique truth. In the weeks since these messages began, you have been exposed to and have assimilated a lot of wisdom and information. If you examine each of my tools, you will quickly note that the underlying component in all of them revolves around energy. Magic has been practiced by many cultures because the ancients were also well aware that everything is comprised of energy at some level. They were aware that many things could be altered, adjusted or neutralized simply by applying a higher or different vibration. The art of alchemy holds this truth as being core to its teachings, no matter the name or organization. There are so many examples in your world of people who have found apparent new ways to apply this high vibration energy so let’s approach the following statement as fact: All things are created by The Creator, through thought, emotion and action, and therefore are comprised entirely of energy and consciousness in varying forms. In the case of man-made objects, you may contend that there is clear evidence that the hand of The Creator had no input in the creation but the energy and raw materials had to be available for construction.

You will note that I included emotion for this is a crucial part of the creation process and there is no energetic vibration that is more potent or powerful than love. As you are very aware, there are numerous contexts to that word but each of them hold one common element: to display love, in its many forms, requires a conscious act on the part of the giver. You may contend that some examples like that of parent and child, as it pertains to love, is automatic and there is no process involved. At some point, however, the parent made a conscious decision and took action to ensure that the child not only sees but feels the love being displayed. The Creator recognized that love was an essential component in the creation process and every bit of energy that comprises the varied realities is infused with love. Consider the fondness and contentment you sense when viewing a fiery sunset or connecting with a pet. Both may appear unrelated but please take note of the underlying feelings you sense at both of these incidents. The soul aspect contained within each of you is attuned to love in its many forms. Examine the beautiful sunset for just a quick moment. At the outset, you may well contend that what you see is simply a random series of events converging at one point to bring a wide range of colours into alignment for a few brief moments. If this is simply random or accidental, why does it evoke such contentment within you, when viewing it?

The answers are numerous but one is the central factor: what you see is the handiwork of The Creator, right in front of your eyes. It affects you as it does simply because you are connecting directly to your Source, the Creative Intelligence that made you being alive and aware in 3D space a reality. Connection to your unique creativity, which I have often reminded you is an essential part of discovering your role, is another recognition of your connection to The Creator, although in a different way. Indeed, there are many activities that you undertake daily which have the potential to connect you with the same type of energy.

I call this magical key The Chalice of Love. You are very aware that you hold a spark of our Divine Creator within you which can manifest, when you choose to take action, in many forms of love. Recognition of another as being directly connected to Source, in the same way as you, is the foundation for this key, which you can apply according to your own wisdom. Begin each day with an acknowledgement of how connected you are to each person you meet because, in its most basic form, you are actually meeting and interacting with another aspect of The Creator. Many of you still have much difficulty in reconciling this, especially when people whom you have trusted and given your love have betrayed and injured you horribly. What is not readily available to you, often not for some time afterwards, is the rationale for such actions. You will note that in each case this has transpired, you have been forced to re-examine and often make enormous changes in your life, as a direct result of the injury. In many cases, these people have been family members. How is it, you have asked yourself countless times, that a person can do this to you and yet claim they loved you?

I would ask that you look at this sentiment in a slightly different way. If you are cognizant that each is made in The Creator’s image, complete with a Divine Spark that is connected directly to The Creator, there must be a very important purpose for them to act as they did. You may not believe this, Dear Ones, but even these actions are based on love. No, the person may not realize it consciously but no event is a random event. There is always a purpose. Pain and suffering are not essential components to your path, Dear Ones, but very often it takes such things to break you from the reverie. Both parties in any type of arrangement like this have agreed to the action. You are very aware, Dear Ones, that no adversity you face is random or a punishment of any type. Similarly, each person in your life is there by design and have shared past incarnations with you, in varying forms. Many of your present guides, assisting in the numerous facets of your experience, are souls who you might acknowledge as being your ancestors. Nothing regarding your incarnation was overlooked when you chose to take human form at the request of The Creator. These same souls who guide you from the higher realms have such enormous love for you and chose to remain with you, to ensure you were given every possible opportunity for spiritual growth, awareness, wisdom and understanding.

Although it may appear unrelated, I would like to draw your attention to another analogy. You have noted that I use allegory with great regularity and there is always a purpose. In my last message, I spoke to you about the discernment of truth and drew on a number of these literary devices to highlight and reinforce a single central idea with numerous permutations. The key, which I referred to as The Ring Of Discernment, is to be open to new wisdom through research – approaching it through the eyes of a student – but to be objective, additionally, in your analysis of new information. Now consider what I have mentioned only moments ago regarding many of your present guides essentially being a part of your “soul family” or “soul group.” It stands to reason, then, that if they agreed to be a part of your spiritual evolution, that would mean each of your immediate family and friends did so, as well. No event is ever random, you are very aware of this. So many of you have suffered in so many ways at the hands of those whom you had trusted. The first question to arise then, based on this statement, is likely: “How could they do that to me if they truly loved me?” The answer to this is always love, Dear Ones. They made an agreement with you to play a role within your experience – and you in theirs.

There are numerous factors at work. If you stop but a moment and examine even a short period of your life where you experienced great growth or wisdom, try to recall each of those who were responsible for that progression. You will find an intricate and very finely tuned Universe, a direct emanation of The Creator in all perfection. The sheer number of factors to make even a single event transpire, not to mention the involvement of numerous beings residing in numerous realms, all coming together at a precise moment in your space and time would blow your mind, as the expression goes. The common and central element to all of this planning and implementation is, quite simply, love. The closer you are energetically attached to another person, the greater the pain when an act is committed by them. Not only is there a loss of your trust in them, in many cases it was your love. Now consider all I have said in this message. Despite the great love a soul may have, nurtured over many lifetimes, they agreed to play the part of apparent villain and inflict a great wound on you. They loved you so enormously that they chose to treat you badly to assist in your spiritual evolution and growth. Always include recognition of the doors that presented themselves to you, as a direct or indirect result, when you find anger swell up within you over being wronged.

To use The Chalice of Love, all that is required is to be more aware of the world around you. Take the time to appreciate beauty in all things, even one who would seek to disrupt your joy and love. As you have often heard, when one can’t send love, send a blessing and it is an important aspect of this key. Whatever it is that you wish for yourself, send as a blessing – if appropriate – to that person or situation that has the potential to mess with your serenity. At the first sign of internal annoyance, send a blessing and repeat as often as necessary. Share your experiences for this is an important part of the process. Love in all its many forms is meant to be shared. Ask us for advice and suggestions and yes, our direct help, in situations where your physical safety is threatened. Please ensure that you approach us with a firm understanding of what you desire. I do not say this as chastisement of any kind, Dear Ones. By understanding exactly what you need or desire allows the precise energy to be set in motion to assist you. The key is that these requests are done from a perspective of love for all creation. If you can be conscious of these things, you are well on your way to spiritual maturity and a more intimate relationship with The Creator and, indeed, all of creation.

I leave you with the enormous and boundless love of our Great Creator and the other numerous Beings Of Light who have such compassion, respect and gratitude for you and your continued efforts. Please know you are truly loved, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Feb. 28/10)

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