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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Sphere Of Confluence

(The above player contains a live recording of this message, including a short discourse on superstitions.)


I greet you, Dear Ones, as always with great love, respect and appreciation from the Most High. It is an honor to approach you at this momentous time with suggestions and guidance to assist on your journey. It takes little imagination or comprehension to understand that this day holds a special place within the cycle of life on your planet. Because you are intimately connected with the Earth Mother, you are also undergoing much of the same changes within you, albeit in a slightly different manner. This day holds great significance for it marks the end of one season and the birthing of another. In terms of universal principles, it has been used as an example to display the principle of rhythm.

To understand this principle, one needs only look at texts presently in existence, including your Bible. While much of the writings contained within it have been altered since original compilation, the principle of rhythm is best described in a short phrase – “To all things, there is a season.” Other more ancient writings have identified this important principle and provided the means for the seeker to overcome the effects of often drastic and dramatic changes, which can occur quickly or over a period of time. Consider the measured movement of the pendulum in a large clock or the steady rise and eventual fall of heat during a summer’s day. These may seem totally unrelated but each is an example of this principle put in place by the very Creator. Nothing escapes this law. You need only look at your history to see this played out over the ages as kingdoms have risen and fallen. In this you may begin to interject that there were varied reasons why this transpired, and not all were toppled in the same fashion. You would be absolutely correct. I am not stating, Dear Ones, there was a singular definable purpose or reason. What I am saying is that the principle of rhythm is inevitable, no matter how much it is wished otherwise. In your own lives, you have noted that you pass from one event to another, culminating with the completion of a purpose and then another arises to loom on your horizon.

There is an inherent danger, of sorts, for those who fail to recognize how important this principle really is and you see evidence of this all around you. People who hold to outdated and long-held practices in business, for example, are quickly left behind as technology marches ever onward. The same can be said for belief systems and practices, especially in light of the rate in which your sciences are now uncovering what you deem to be the reality around you. What is often referred to as the “status quo” is no longer practical. It was designed simply as a tool of control and to ensure a given group responded to situations and events with exactly the same viewpoint and manner. You have noted, as well, that any who dared to challenge this control, due to current data or heightened awareness, was met with derision and often cast outside of the group as being a bad influence or more recently as being “unpatriotic”. These were the wayshowers and pioneers who instinctively realized that a given belief or thought process had outlived its usefulness and it was time to adopt new sets of principles and guidelines to reflect the changing times. Although not fully recognized as being a universal principle, they were very aware of the dangers of continuing to remain in a state that was not conducive to progress.

Why all this talk and detailed explanation of the principle of rhythm, you are likely asking. Many of you are feeling the stirrings of understanding within, even as you read this. This process has been transpiring for several years but began in earnest prior to the commencement of your present millennium. During this time, you have continued to note that winter follows autumn, and spring follows winter. A time of apparent death occurs during the coldest time of the year and yet life still thrives in many forms. While an inconvenience to many of you, the cold issues in a new season where you must once again adapt in many ways. Is it reasonable to think that you can wear the same bare minimum of clothing and still engage in the same leisure time outdoor activities? You are observing this important principle in action, without being fully aware you are doing it. On this day in your calendar, March 21, you officially begin the journey from apparent death to new life, as has occurred on your planet for countless millennia. A time for celebration indeed but this one marks the beginning of something wonderful that has never occurred on your planet in all of its existence.

You will observe, in the coming weeks, all of the leaves that have fallen during the fall begin to decompose and sink slowly into the earth to aid in new life being formed and fed. Similarly, within your own lives, much the same is occurring. An entirely new portal has been slowly opening over the last few days and the energy that you have been receiving is much more intense than ever before. Certainly, you are still feeling the effects of the last incursion of high intensity energy in your physical bodies in numerous ways and often it has been cause for alarm. One commonality parallels what I have mentioned about the leaves decomposing and disappearing into the soil to fertilize the new life awaiting its time to appear. In the same way, many of you are at a point in your transformation where specific issues must be addressed and discarded or resolved, for to keep hold of them creates an obstruction to your progress. At odd times, you may receive flashes of past events that can be both unsettling and disturbing. As the Keeper Of Celestial Mysteries, I am pleased and honored to offer you another magical key to aid in this process.

I refer to this key as The Sphere Of Confluence and its application takes bare seconds but will have a lasting effect. It is designed specifically to help rid you of the negative energy of these memories in a unique fashion. Very often, at the point of sleep, images will invade your conscious awareness, events which have been hurtful, shameful and often humiliating. You understand well, from my previous messages and those of Hilarion, Michael, Gabriel, Metatron and a host of others, that each event served a purpose. That acknowledgement does little, however, to rid you of the lingering energy sometimes and this key is specifically designed for doing just that. To apply this, it merely requires the image of a past event you wish to see removed, springing forth in your inner vision.

When this occurs, take immediate action for this is the ideal opportunity and we, along with that Divine Spark within you called your Soul, have played a small hand in its initiation. Begin by visualizing a small sphere forming in your heart chakra, about the size of a grapefruit. You can imagine it a rosy green or simply a bright white, either will have the same effect. Half of the sphere should be outside of the heart energy center for maximum benefit, while the remainder is inside of your physical body. Now direct the image, along with associated emotions – guilt, shame, remorse, anger, whatever it evokes – into the sphere and simply say, “I will this energy to be removed. It no longer serves my highest and greatest good.”

The next step is crucial. Visualize the sphere moving quickly down the center of your body, along the inside of both legs and exiting at the energy points located on the instep of your feet. See it begin to disappear like steam from a boiling pot. Once it has dissipated, you will likely note that it is difficult to bring the event back into your conscious awareness, nor should you attempt to do so. I do not say this as a command, Dear Ones, but merely as useful guidance. By utilizing the heart chakra as a focus point, you are removing and releasing the unwanted energy of these events with love, which is a critical component. Remember, these events served a valuable purpose of some type in your development and learning and have been a part of you for a very long time, in some cases. Their usefulness has ended and they have now become a block in your progress and journey but they have been of value nonetheless and deserve to be let go with love and compassion.

Another quick point here, Dear Ones. Many of your teachings, in regards to energy work, contend there are 7 major chakras and encourage you to work specifically with these almost exclusively. What many teachers do not acknowledge, however, is that the pair of energy centers located on the instep of each foot are equally important. Without proper care and clearing, they can become clogged and evoke a range of discomfort within your physical body, mainly in the legs and feet. It is a good practice, preferably before laying down to sleep at night or first thing upon waking, to take a few moments to gently massage these two chakras and include the rest of your feet as well. Often energy can accumulate in the area between the toes and like a blockage in a water pipe, can cause pressure to build in an uncomfortable manner, both in the feet and the legs. With the intensity of the incoming energies over the next several days and the effects it will have on your physical body, please take every opportunity to maintain it – nourish it, hydrate it and above all cherish it, for it is the vehicle which you chose to house that magnificence within you, that spark of our Divine Creator.

I will conclude by extending to you the enormous love and gratitude from our Creator, just for being you. You have undergone many challenges and have continued to remain dedicated to furthering the Creator’s Divine Plan and that has not gone unnoticed. Yes, there is enormous love and gratitude coming to you this day, and all days, from the highest of dimensions and the angelic realms. Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Mar. 21/10)

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