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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Buoy Of Rhythm

(The player has a live recording of this message and includes discussions on Cycles of Life and ascension symptoms.)


I greet you, Dear Ones, as always, with love, respect and gratitude from the Most High. My message this week will find many of you in a state of mild confusion, courtesy of the very intense saturation of energy arriving from the higher dimensions. By now, you sense the effects easing off somewhat but it has left you feeling new and different, if only in some small way. I will tell you that this outpouring of energy was not only necessary, it was crucial in your personal development. So many of you are embarking on an evolutionary change that you could scarce imagine but the path is never an easy one. Holding onto limiting beliefs and personal truths, even after being exposed to what is transpiring in others, maintains an obstruction in this process. I will add, however, that this journey you are on is done in a timeframe established by you. Try not to compare yourself to others, in this regard, for their purpose and path is unique to them. Often, souls choose to remain in place to assist others in reaching their level of understanding, for this is a very necessary task which is assigned to souls who are perfectly suited for it.

In my last message, I spoke in some detail about a universal principle, established by The Creator known as the Principle Of Rhythm. You may recall that I included several variations of this principle in action, not to insult your intelligence but to reinforce the importance of recognizing it in action. The heat of the sun’s rays will slowly rise, reach an apex in temperature and then slowly subside as evening approaches. This is the natural rhythm of the universe and your reality in the 3D realm. Just like the pendulum of a large clock, your perception of time moves forward with each passing second. In your personal clearing and the associated confusion, worry and anxiety, you have noted challenges or obstacles arise and you begin at one end of the huge pendulum, culminating eventually with a resolution or change of some sort. What inevitably follows this? Perhaps a short period of relative calm but, once again, another challenge arises and you undergo the same process – going from challenge to resolution, then back again to face another challenge. You are very aware that these obstacles or adversities are never random, any more than the people who leave your life or those who enter. The crucial element to discovery is finding the resolution of such things. So many of you are requesting our assistance in this area and it is important that you are aware we are overjoyed to be of service. We are also enormously gratified to note that so many of you are beginning to trust us, which is no small feat for some of you. So for that Dear Ones, please know you have our love, gratitude and friendship. For truly, we are friends who share a much deeper connection than you are presently aware of.

You may comment internally that this is informative but what of this principle of rhythm? If it is inevitable, is there at least some way to lessen the effects? In this, I am happy to reply that I do have some suggestions to assist you in this concern precisely. As you know, nothing escapes or is outside of the law. The secret is to make slight alterations to your thought process and actions.

I call this magical key The Buoy Of Rhythm. You have noted that I do not supply actual physical keys. Each one is designed to assist in unlocking the wisdom you already hold within that essence you call the Higher Self. As you know, a buoy is a device used to remain afloat and that is exactly what this tool will allow you to do, despite the effects incurred by this law.

First and of prime importance, it is imperative that you alter your perspective slightly. Because of the enormous amount of clearing you have done – and continue to do – you have often expressed concern over the lack of intense joy. Many of you were living a relatively happy life, where your experience of intense joy or happiness was reflected in the reality around you and happened quite frequently. Taking the necessary steps in your spiritual evolution, you begin to notice that often those times of intense joy are either scarce or very short in duration. Surely, you have thought, because you are experiencing such an amazing amount of new growth and insight, of a spiritual nature, that the automatic result should be increased happiness, not less. You are essentially experiencing a much more profound example of this principle of rhythm in action. Its very nature dictates that the pendulum moves from one extreme to the other, going from intense happiness to intense sorrow, worry or anxiety. This is immutable and integral to the balance, not only universally but also within you. You have often heard a variation of the axiom – “The higher the pedestal, the farther the fall.” It is reflectance, pure and simple, so the secret here is to make an alteration in your perspective.

How is this accomplished, you are likely asking? You may even feel yourself becoming uncomfortable or alarmed. Does this mean that you must forego joy and happiness for fear that you will eventually end up “in the dumps” once again? It is not my wish to instill irrational fear, for this question is indeed irrational, if you can follow these suggestions. When a new challenge arrives, it is essential that you begin immediately to view it, not as a punishment or a chore but rather an opportunity for growth. Many of you are aware of this and apply it already. Additionally, before making an automatic judgment as to it being positive or negative, find yourself a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for a short time. Address The Creator directly – with whatever name you are comfortable with – and simply request this: “Divine Creator, please shed Your Light of illumination on this situation so that it is resolved in my highest and greatest good and in a timely manner. I make no judgment of this challenge I’ve been presented with and fully acknowledge it is an important step on my spiritual journey.”

The important components are self evident so please alter the wording to suit your needs and comfort level. The next step is to call on Us, your teachers, tutors and mentors, and request Our help by ensuring the people and resources required to overcome or resolve this challenge are brought into your life. It is not a sign of weakness in any way, Dear Ones, to ask for our help. We cherish you beyond measure, as does The Great Creator, and We will assist when you request it. This is our sacred promise.

When you begin approaching any challenge from a point of neutrality – not regarding it as negative or positive but simply acknowledging it – there is no wide swing of emotions. As you become more proficient in the use of this valuable tool, you will begin to note a subtle change take within you. Where will this lead you? You will arrive at a point, if you continue to utilize this key, where you are in a perpetual state of relative calm, happiness and contentment. No, you cannot evade the Principle of Rhythm but you can learn to adjust or alter your approach, which in turn will grant you a buoy in times of stormy weather.

With that, I will conclude and add that we are extremely pleased with your progress. Many of you may find yourself stepping into unfamiliar territory in some area of your life. The truth is that many of you have actually graduated, of a sort, from a level of training and development which you likely thought would never end. Part of the purpose for this recent outpouring of energy was to do exactly that, along with hastening the biological changes which are occurring within many of you. Do not be surprised if you also find a new Guide or two in your contingent of “Angelic Assistants”. This is exceptionally good news for your planet as whole, Dear Ones! It signals that enough souls have awakened and are ready to step into the places which you had previously occupied. Yes, you are now coming into full realization of the masters that you truly are!

Please know how cherished and loved you are by The Creator. Never feel that you are insignificant in any way for you have been chosen to fulfill a role that only you possessed the unique skills and wisdom to accomplish. Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Mar. 28/10)

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