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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: Whispers Of Warning

(The player contains the last two messages because they are very much inter-related.)


I greet you, Dear Ones, as always, with the boundless gratitude and love from the Most High. In recent weeks, you have all felt the effects of very high intensity energy saturating your bodies and affecting many
areas of your life. These effects have caused considerable confusion for many of you, essentially causing you to seek answers and clarity from outside sources. To some, this may run counter to the understanding you
have had that all answers which you seek can be found within. This is very true so please do not lose sight of the fact that you have the potential and the means to access whatever it is you choose to discover. Some of you may be raising a quizzical eyebrow at these statements. It may even appear that I am purposely trying to state two realities as being essentially the same. How is it possible that the answers lie
within and yet I seem to be saying that this isn’t the case, in the same
sentence? The truth is that both are reality and based solely on the
individual. Please allow me to explain further.

In my message last week, I highlighted a key called “Whispers Of Wisdom”. I made the strong suggestion to not only be aware of new
information and insights when you are exposed to them but also to
examine your feelings, in regards to the new information. It is crucial
that each of you is both objective and open-minded at the same time. So
many of you advancing on your spiritual path have noted a dramatic
increase in what you term intuition. This is a natural by-product of
raising your vibrations and a certain sign of your progression. Many
variations of a particular sentiment have been issued through the ages:
“Great wisdom requires great responsibility.” If you examine this
closely, you’ll begin to understand why, only now, spiritual and psychic
gifts are developing so rapidly in many people. As I have stated many
times, Dear Ones, the underlying component is always energy. To reach a
point in your spiritual journey on your ascension path, where these
abilities can be explored and improved, you have had to do considerable
house cleaning. You have let go of much in order to embrace that which
would serve you for the next leg of your journey and often it has caused
tremendous sorrow, pain, worry and anxiety. In this, we cry right
beside you, Dear Ones, and offer what comfort and support we can during
your challenges and adversities.

Each of you are at varying stages in realizing and stepping into the role which you agreed to undertake but the common trait, which has
caused incredible joy in the angelic realm, is that many of you are
finally stepping into your power and displaying incredible courage.
After such difficult childhoods and lives, which found many of you
wanting to withdraw and just take care of the immediate momentary needs,
you were somehow able to summon the courage to take a stand. In some
cases, it involved leaving jobs, spouses and even religions that no
longer fed your soul. Despite the knowledge of how this would impact
others, you chose instead to follow some internal guiding compass and
follow the direction it indicated. In this, you can relate and agree
that this component of your progression was based largely on an internal
source. Often you questioned it vehemently, sometimes even pleading
that the direction indicated would not be a requirement in fulfilling
your purpose in The Creator’s Divine Plan. The hesitancy and obstinacy
to change is deeply ingrained in the human psyche and this should give
you a very visible means of identifying why you feel such resistance to
change. Contained within you are not only a spark of the Divine Creator
but also a mechanism that establishes and portrays to the world your
unique identity as a human called the ego. The ego is essential for
survival but can become an obstacle to spiritual progression, as many of
you have noticed.

It may seem that this message is merely a random rambling of information you are already well aware of but I will assure there is a
purpose. I mentioned earlier that many of you have been experiencing an
increase in your abilities, as well as a growing desire to learn how to
work with it – or them in most cases – and how it can be used to assist
your planet in general. It is no coincidence that there is a correlation
between spiritual maturity and increasing levels of competence in
utilizing these abilities effectively. I mentioned earlier of the
ages-old axiom, “Great Wisdom Requires Great Responsibility.” Your two
major religions attempt to proclaim that these abilities are “satanic”
or “devil inspired” or similar sentiments and they are almost always
issued by those who have no direct knowledge or experience. I will tell
you a great truth now and please take this to your heart and draw it out
for remembrance during those times you feel discouraged by your
progress in developing them. The simple truth is that you were each
given these gifts by The Creator and they are essential to you for
fulfilling your role and purpose in this life. You are all aspects of
The Creator, all aspects of true perfection. The intricacies of the
Divine Plan are plotted and arranged in an order that your 3D mind could
not begin to comprehend but, rest assured, there is indeed a grand
blueprint. Dependent on the individual soul and their agreement, you are
each awakened at very specific times with varying levels of awareness.
This includes the activation of special gifts and abilities, or
sometimes simply being cognizant of it or them, at different points in
your time line. This is no accident either. It was necessary for many of
you to rid yourselves of much emotional baggage and old paradigm
thinking and reasoning in order to arrive at a place where you could
begin to work with and apply your gifts in a responsible manner. This is
not a shortcoming nor is it an accusation of any kind. It was essential
that you had reached a point where you were able to over ride your ego
and begin functioning from a spiritual, as opposed to a material or
physical, level. As you examine those who have been awakened to and are
actively using their gifts, you have sensed in some a lack of spiritual
integrity. Your intuition will be an excellent barometer so please trust
it. All souls have a purpose, even when it appears that some have
“short cut” the difficult and often painful process of awakening so many
of you have endured for many years, in some cases. These souls are the
pioneers who are specially qualified to take on such a role so please do
not pass judgment. They are serving a crucial role, just as you are.

Many of you have become diligent researchers in your efforts to find and establish your own unique spiritual truth. Contending with the
irrational guilt placed on you by religion, regarding the apparent
consequences of taking specific actions in this area, has been a major
source of confusion, worry, anxiety and pain. As you begin to learn and
grow, outdated and outmoded teachings are replaced gradually with the
reality of the here and now. I have often mentioned that your sciences
have made great strides in understanding the reality around you but
their experimentation and research, to a large extent, focuses solely on
observable results that will provide tangible proof of a new awareness,
insight or theory. If such progress is being made in one area of
understanding the universe and humanity’s place within it, doesn’t it
stand to reason that new insight into your spiritual nature and
connection to The Creator are also expanding?

Last week, I offered a key to you entitled “Whispers Of Wisdom.” Paying attention to the arrival of new information and observing your
internal reaction to such new knowledge was the underlying aspect I
wished to reinforce to you. As an adjunct, I offer an additional key for
you to use at your discretion and works very closely with last week’s
message. I call this “Whispers Of Warning” and it is just as important
as its twin.

I began this message by examining the apparent discrepancy of two opposing ideas. On one hand, I have said, as have so many other masters
and angels you presently work with, that all the information you require
to help on your journey can be found within you and this is truth.
However, from a different perspective this is not truth and all
information and insights you receive arrive from an external source. How
can both be truth? The key lies in the present model of duality or
polarity thinking, which has been so prevalent on your planet for
numerous millennia. Judging any situation as being either good or bad is
the essential component of polarity thinking and many of you have an
unconscious tendency to do this. In my previous messages I have strongly
urged you to approach any new challenge from a neutral perspective,
thereby allowing yourself to remain in a state of relative calm,
happiness and contentment despite whatever you are confronted with.
Based on this, it would appear that duality thinking holds little or no
benefit to you, unless you wish to allow your life to proceed with no
more direction than a leaf in a fast moving stream. I am now going to
revise that and offer you the root of this key.

Pertaining to the discussion of receiving new information or guidance, the truth is that it is found both within and without. Within
you, that aspect of Divine perfection is attached to and in
communication with your soul essence in its magnificent wholeness. Very
often and through varied means, the information or awareness that swims
to your consciousness has been hibernating within you, awaiting the
right stimulus to makes its presence known. Other times, a part of you
makes a conscious connection to your Higher Self or the team of
enlightened beings assisting you and gains answers or clarity from that
route. Still other times, due largely to your nocturnal training with
us, that connection has become so well established that it does not
require a conscious effort on your part to obtain the needed insight or
guidance. What you refer to as intuition is commonly believed to be
simply an ability you’ve been granted that resides entirely within you.
This is only a part of the truth. Very often, your intuition can be
triggered by us, sending you unheard messages that are received by the
soul essence within you. The point I wish to stress here is that your
gift of intuition and related abilities such as claircognizance are
closely tied in with your spiritual development and the level of
interaction you have with us.

Now, we come full circle and to the heart of my message today. You understand that insights arrive to you in numerous ways to help steer
your path towards achieving your role. What is important to recall here
is that you receive guidance or new information from those you come in
contact with. This is why I have stressed so often to be discerning but
also open minded. The conflict presently being played out on your earth
is, quite simply, a conflict of spirit. With any conflict, comes the
potential for danger. You are provided with an enormous amount of
protection, with more readily available upon your request. Because of
the importance of your missions, you are also presented with information
or events that serve only to confuse you or present an option to remain
in place. They are, in every sense, designed by those who wish to see
your realm remain as it is and are merely diversions. Each new insight
or event that affects you provides you with an opportunity to make
specific choices. This is where my latest key, “Whispers Of Warning” and
my expanded discussion in this message comes into play.

Please do not turn a blind eye to the developments in the reality around you for all has a special significance in the Divine Plan. Do not
dismiss, out of hand, seemingly random information that may come from
unusual or even trusted sources, no matter how outrageous it may sound
initially. It is essential, now more than ever, that you are very aware
of what is taking place on your living planet and the actions being
taken that may or may not affect you directly. Here is where your
intuition and trust – in yourself, your Higher Self and us, your
guardians and teachers – must be more active. Nothing is random.
Ignorance of an event or situation does nothing to negate its reality,
even though some information you are presented with may appear totally
unrealistic. It has been brought to your attention for a reason and it
is your responsibility solely to discern that reason or reasons. The
questions to consider at these times, that will benefit you greatly in
ways I cannot fully document here, are these: “Does this have the
potential to affect me in such a way that I will be diverted from my
path?” and “What assistance can I offer or what actions can I take to

As each of you raise your vibration, it is important that you realize you are seen by those in the spirit realm as bright shining lights.
This can draw negative energy to you, as well as low vibrating entities,
so ensure you nurture and maintain your relationship to your protector
guides. Grant them the freedom to enlist the aid of additional
assistance if required. Train yourself to become more aware of your
surroundings and the energy. A final suggestion may come as an oddity
but please consider it nonetheless. The next time you feel an urge for a
walk, a quiet glass of wine and soft music or a similar activity,
request to join directly with your Higher Self aspect for the duration
of the activity. Spend the time enjoying and expressing appreciation for
the beauty and serenity and a dialogue with you, or rather the complete
you. Get to know your Higher Self as intimately as you know your
physical self.

I leave you with the boundless gratitude and love of our Great Creator and from those of us who assist as your guides, tutors, mentors
and protectors. Remember that no condition is permanent. The key is to
seek out new solutions and not allow preconceived notions or erroneous
teachings to limit your learning and progress. Be blessed and be at
peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper Of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Apr. 18/10)

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Comment by Angelia Roseline on April 27, 2010 at 5:00pm
Thank you dear brother Nick, for your message (Lord Raziel's message). As always, the text is full of important information, suggestions and warnings. It is very appreciated.

God bless you



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