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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: Honor The Creation


I greet you, Dear Ones, with enormous respect, gratitude and love from the Most High. This period of time that you are presently experiencing is one of true wonder. Many of you are being urged to concentrate not just on creation within your lives but, in many cases, re-creation. As with each calendar year that draws to a close, it is often customary for you to briefly examine what has transpired during that time period and make some type of assessment as to its successes or apparent failures. This comparison has been a part of you for a very long time and not an easy action for you to take sometimes. I’ve spoken to you before about seeing your lives, at times, literally disintegrating around you and your deep sense of sorrow, despair, worry and anxiety that most often arrives in your conscious mind when you do any type of review. To this I add one additional element for you think about. I have often expressed our wonder and intense joy in your actions at these times when you continue your own unique service to our Great Creator, in your own fashion. This is not simply to placate you or pass on idle compliments. You are all truly magnificent in your strength and willingness to continue, despite enormous obstacles confronting you!

I wish to speak to you today further of these very obstacles, Dear Ones. Many of you have gained an incredible amount of awareness, through your own efforts, about the purpose and rationale of such things. No, these challenges are seldom pleasant and can often lead to the dissolution of friendships and connections that have been such a strong foundation on your individual paths to growth, development and spiritual maturity. Many of you have come to the painful realization that employment you once found beneficial, for any number of reasons, no longer holds the same appeal or attraction. In some cases, and with your full consent, we in the angelic realm have orchestrated events to take you from such situations, often in abrupt and unpleasant ways. It has seemed through no fault of your own that other parts of your life, as well, have become “unglued”, leaving you with little more security than a leaf in a fast moving stream. It has been so ingrained, because of the economic model your earth is presently based on, that having a job and steady source of income “should” be the most important component to your life. Admittedly, this has merit. One cannot survive without that energetic exchange of money. You all need to eat, pay bills, wash clothes, keep a roof over your head and a small part to set aside for personal enjoyment, among many others. It is indeed a frightening prospect to have that security suddenly taken from you and it is your very nature to become stressed, worried, anxious and even angry when it occurs.

It is essential that you are very aware that we in the angelic realm, along with all of your other helpers and assistants, take action on your behalf. Many of you know we do not interfere with your free will. Imagine a child who places their hand directly into a flame and burns themselves. As a parent or responsible adult, your first choice would be to ensure this never happened and rescue the child before they were injured. But what of the next time when that same child becomes curious and you’re not around to stop them? Children are very curious by nature – this is how they learn and develop - and chances are pretty good they will need to learn that fire is hot and can burn them badly. So, the child comes to you with tears in their eyes and burnt hands, what is your reaction? Do you scold them and add to their torment? Or do you offer them love and support, ask them if they learned a lesson and further enforce their own identity by letting them know it is OK to explore the world around them? As a responsible parent, you will likely do a bit of both and let them know that they can come to you and rely on you, knowing that they will always receive unconditional love from you.

I do not imply in any way, Dear Ones, that we regard you as children. Consider the actions you would take to assist another who has had a head wound and cannot recall fully who they are, where they are from or even their purpose. I mention this because this is closer to the fact of your own life, where you arrived without knowledge of your identity or role. Contained within you is the same spark of Life, given to you directly from Our Great Creator, as what is contained within me and any of your other guides, teachers, tutors and protectors. My point is that so very often we have wished to remove the pain from you of even having to undergo these challenges and obstacles but a focal point of your existence really is self discovery. This is established by you, by your magnificent Higher Self, and because of our great love for each of you, we secede to your requests. It truly does hurt us deeply sometimes when you lay blame on yourselves for actions you’ve taken that you consider stupid, childish and apparently unproductive. If you find yourself stuck in regret mode over your actions or the actions of others, I offer you an additional magical key to assist in your journey. After all, I am the keeper of celestial magic.

I refer to this key as simply Honor The Creation. When you look around at your home, in the cupboard, drawers and closets, you see clear evidence of what your efforts have created. All of these items you see have been purchased, in some form, by you. On a materialistic level, you are able to clearly distinguish the fruits of your efforts. Now I ask that you take this observation one step further, Dear Ones, for this action holds the true power of this magical key. Begin with only one aspect of your life that you have difficulty with accepting as not being present any longer. Think of a friend, situation or even a job but begin with only one item so you’re not overwhelmed. Seek out the limitations this aspect brought to your life. Examine what area of your life has been freed to explore the world around you, just like that small child. Pay attention, as you do this, for any insights that arise to your conscious mind and take note. The friendship that has become distant may well have had some aspect of limitation in your growth or in reverse, you placed some limitation on theirs. Remember, actions like separation are agreed to by both parties, at a level that you seldom are consciously aware of. That job may have provided the income you needed but did it supply the creative outlet required by you? You are not the same person – in many ways – than you were even a year ago. Many of you can feel yourselves being shifted around, many of you are feeling the need to leave your present geographical location and many of you are beginning to get a glimmer of how you can contribute to the rest of humanity and yet do not have a firm vision in place.

All of these things, Dear Ones, are crucial aspects to ensure you are freed from certain limitations and restrictions. They also serve to allow you to work more closely with us to make your visions and dreams true reality. Expression of your own unique type of creativity is no longer just a hope or wish for you, Dear Ones, it is a crucial component for the reason you are here. Each of you have been granted unique talents that will be required to achieve your role and mission. Please do not ever compare yourself unfavorably to another as being less than them in any way. Remember, you were handpicked by The Creator! Every single one of you!

In these times of doubt and distress, when you feel your resolve failing and depression setting in over not yet realizing your purpose, call on us. Talk to us. Ask us to help and be specific. Ask us to send along the right people or direct you to the right resources. Our power of creation is limitless, Dear Ones, as is yours. You are not facing this alone. We are your greatest supporters and we listen and respond to the best of our abilities.

I will conclude by sending you a measure of enormous love, respect and gratitude from our Great Creator, and each of us who work tirelessly as your teachers, tutors, mentors and protectors. I will add that change is on the very near horizon for many of you who feel listless and without purpose at this time. Please know, Dear Ones, these challenges are essential. Examine what you believe you have lost and ask us to show you the incredible and potential possibilities of what you could gain. In this way, you truly honor the creations that have allowed you to reach this point in your journey.

We truly do love you, Dear Ones. Please call on us at any time.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Dec. 20/09)

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Nick's Note: I am presently working on a short PDF, with the help of Raziel and other Beings Of Light, to compile a current and relevant guide to effective prayer intercession for the new age. To date, the only real source for these guidelines has been from religious texts and teachings, based on a time when few people understood that we can approach our Creator directly. This is a great power but certain guidlines must be observed, understood and implemented for optimum results. Look for this as a free download when my new novel "The God/dess Remnant" is released in January.

Namaste! Nick, the Bright Sorcerer

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