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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Staff Of Gratitude


I greet you, Dear Ones, with love, respect and gratitude from the Most High. A time of new beginnings is on the wings for many of you but the waiting has been a most difficult assignment. You can sense it and almost taste the change that awaits and yet it seems so far out of your grasp as to be illusory. It puzzles and worries you when others around you have fallen into their roles with such ease and grace. At times, you may feel as if you’re not doing enough on your spiritual path, and sense within that this may hold a key to advancing your progress with a bit more speed. This change taking place within you is affecting almost every area of your life with some type of obstruction or challenge. Many are very aware that these challenges are essential in many ways.

Consider, Dear Ones, the role of a physician. Aside from the obvious inclinations towards the medical field, each doctor receives their training in incremental stages. The sheer amount of knowledge, insight and experience needed to be a doctor requires several years of rigorous training, self discipline and application. It is not reasonable, you will agree, for one to decide to choose this vocation one day and then announce they are ready to begin their practice the next. It takes very distinct training and guidance to be a practitioner of medicine, These are essential to ensure that each prospective doctor possesses the skills and abilities needed to perform their duties. With variations, this is the blue print for any type of vocation that requires a wide and varied skill set. I have mentioned that many of you who are presently feeling as though in a state of limbo will see some dramatic changes taking place to your situations. In order to be ready to step into these positions, it is extremely important that you take every opportunity that we present to add to your knowledge base.

It is not my intent to evoke any type of negativity, Dear Ones, if you are still struggling. At times you may think this is all so senseless, there is too much to change in your life and even convince yourself that your family or friends would never approve of you stepping outside of the box. Already many of you have experienced that stirring of disapproval from friends and family members over choices you made to better yourself. Many of you have been told you were being selfish and self centered to take care of yourself and your needs first. In this year past, so many of you have had to end relationships because the inequality of energetic investment had become obvious and no longer acceptable to you. People are no longer looking at you the same way, animals are taking much more notice of you and inside you feel that stirring of change that seems just within your grasp. All of these things could be regarded as negative events but always understand that such things are crucial. These things need to be cleared away in many cases simply to free up your own energy and time for the final lessons. Any situation that evokes the low vibration emotions such as worry, anxiety, fear or resentment will require a substantial amount of your own energy on a continuous basis. Now multiply that by the number of other varied areas of concern in your life and it isn’t a stretch to imagine how much of your own energy is really being drained.

My simple point in all of this is to remind you that, while your “schoolwork” may be extremely challenging know that it will be in proportion to the skill set, wisdom and experience needed to fulfill your role. Earlier I suggested that some of you consider that you’re not doing enough spiritually or, in some cases, not even sure what to do to progress on your spiritual path. Is there some way to draw this impending future to you a bit sooner? In fact, yes, there is.

I call this key the Staff of Gratitude. No, I do not take credit for the underlying principles. The use of gratitude in numerous schools of thought, throughout the Ages, is well known and has been a central component to many spiritual beliefs. You know well how the vibration of gratitude can invoke monumental changes in any situation and it is a valuable tool for any spiritual seeker. Were you aware that you each have a set of Joy Guides at your disposal at any time? Did you know that their job is centered solely on bringing joy into your life? When was the last time you whispered a quick request to them to bring along a pleasant and enjoyable experience? Many of you are not aware that you can actually do this. So I will suggest to you to just consider opening a dialogue with your Joy Guides and reaching out a hand for some help from them. You would be astounded, Dear Ones, if you could witness even a fraction of the guides and helpers each of you has working tirelessly on your behalf. They do not do this out of obligation but out of love. Many of these same Guides have been intimate friends and family members from several lifetimes. Imagine the love you have for a child and then multiply that over countless centuries. That is a LOT of love and a lot of incentive for them to assist you. Upon first waking each morning, send them a quick request for a nice surprise that day. As always, when working this closely with us, I offer a further gentle reminder to pay attention to your intuition for the rest of the day. Remember, sometimes we need to place you, instead of the actual event, which may require you to break up your normal routine and follow the clues we send you. The only other requirement, in terms of applying this key, is to express your gratitude for each joyful or enjoyable experience that you can detect. There is another secret key buried within this one which will be the subject for another time.

The Staff of Gratitude has a second, less enjoyable aspect, but I give this magical key to you, to use at your discretion. You are all intimately familiar with trials and challenges. I have also mentioned to you about how necessary these apparent obstructions are, in terms of ensuring you receive the required skill set for your mission. This second part involves taking time each day to recall a difficult event and to say a few quick words of gratitude to The Creator for granting you the training needed to realize your purpose. Each challenge, as you are well aware, contains the potential for great growth, awareness and understanding. These truly are gifts, although they tend to arrive with a hefty price tag attached to them. Self discovery is one of the greatest gifts you have been granted. With each adversity you’ve overcome, you will note it has always added to your knowledge base, in some way. Never disregard these small lessons as insignificant.

I conclude, once again, Dear Ones, by sending you the enormous gratitude, respect and love from our Great Creator, and those of us who serve as your mentors, teachers and protectors. Please know how proud we are of each of you!

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Jan. 04/10)

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Comment by AEONPI on January 11, 2010 at 7:57pm
The Divine Mind agrees and puts our hands together in Gratitude. The human mind agreeds to this decree and puts his hands together in gratitude. We are Gratefilled with the grace of being at one ment and cherished in this form. May Light and Sound Connect and Vibrate us all into Perfection in the Grandest Way. I AM THAT I AM For the PURPOSE OF Serving. I CAME TO SERVE.



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