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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: Crusades Of Compassion

Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: Crusades Of Compassion

It is an honor, once again, Dear Ones, to address you and relay enormous respect, love and gratitude from the Most High. You are presently encountering another burst of high vibration energy and the
effects and symptoms are widespread. As you are well aware, every
incarnated being on your planet is receiving the same type of energy
with the same intensity. One aspect you may or may not have noted is the
erratic behavior you see being displayed by many, especially those in
positions of power and authority. You have also been told that this is a
reality where free will is the rule and not the exception and that is
true, to some extent. “To some extent?” you may question immediately.
Please allow me to explain further for comprehension of this aspect of
the Creator’s Divine Plan is a crucial component of my message today.

Regarding the energy, one certainty is that it must and will continue to increase in intensity. As you approach the time of the enormous alignment spoken of in many of your ancient prophecies, the boundary
between those who refuse to take the necessary actions that allow their
physical bodies to adjust and those who fervently apply themselves in
the ascension process will become much more pronounced. The erratic
actions I mentioned only moments ago, by many authority figures
globally, are the direct result of this energy you have all been
feeling. There is, however, a much more serious and sinister force at
work that is dedicated to slowing or halting the progress of those who
seek to attain the next stage of cosmic transformation. The influence I
speak of originates in a slightly higher vibrating realm that is often
referred to as the astral plane and it is very powerful – by Divine
Design. As the new energies continue to upgrade your systems –
physically and energetically - in preparation for Ascension, these
entities also have a divine mission to interfere with the process and as
many incarnated souls as possible.

You may think that this is impossible, a dark or negative being who is actually in service to The
Creator, just as you are? So many of your religions have purposely led
you astray in their teachings, in this regard, even though their
knowledge and wisdom was extremely limited. Consider at one time that
lightning was regarded as a weapon of the gods and natural calamities
were apparent punishment from that same god or gods for some infraction
or failure to “worship” in the “correct” way. As your sciences have
begun to reveal, both of these examples are explained by observation,
research and a continuous change in understanding of how your 3D reality
operates and functions. Famines and droughts, for instance, are a part
of the natural cycle of the Earth Mother and serve a myriad of purposes
in terms of balance.

The influence of these dark entities can and is being felt by almost everyone at this time and nobody is immune. Those who forcefully contend
that everybody "should" worship the Creator and believe as they do are
but one example of this. They perpetrate the mistaken belief that only
they speak the true words of The Creator and all other belief systems
are wrong. This attitude is based solely on ego, and has also been woven
into your very DNA and passed on genetically, courtesy of centuries of
having unchecked control and power over an often illiterate “flock”.

It may shock you but these dark entities have been at work on your planet
for a very long time, far longer than you could imagine, and have worked
in collusion with some of these same religious organizations. You must
understand that your created 3D reality is testing ground, an advanced
center for learning and spiritual growth. Just as The Creator asked for
volunteers to incarnate at this time in your history to help spread the
Light, and ensured that each of you light workers received the necessary
support structure to fulfill your soul contracts, these beings of
darkness also have been tasked by the same Creator. To some, this may
seem to be a paradox or perhaps something totally impossible but I tell
you now that this is truth. Like you and like me, these same beings are
sparks of the Creator who volunteered to undertake the unenviable task
of providing the opposition to the Light.

Why would any being actually volunteer for such a duty, you might ask?

You have often heard or even used the term “devil’s advocate”. It refers to an individual who serves
as an objective observer or one with a totally opposite point of view to
what is being portrayed as truth or reality. As I have mentioned before
many times, one of the principles set in place at the point of creation
was the Principle of Polarity, which is simply the existence of duality
in all things. You have also heard and been told that there is more
than one side to an argument but too often individuals disregard this
when it suits their purpose. Those beings who chose to play the role of
seeming to oppose the Light and the very Creator are only doing what
they were asked to do and they have had eons to hone their craft. They
become most active when the light quotient or energetic vibration in an
individual begins to increase in frequency. From one perspective, this
may seem counterproductive. Consider a spiritual seeker who has made a
firm dedication of service to the Creator. The chances of “turning”
these evolving souls is negligible at best and yet it seems these are
the kinds of individuals who encounter the most resistance. How often on
your journey have you encountered only one obstacle in your path? Very
often, many of you are hit with multiple issues at the same time.
Certainly, many of these obstructions are created by you, in cooperation
with your spiritual helpers and advisers, but some is thrust on you by
these dark entities. The reason is largely because of the potential
influence you could have on those who are still asleep or in the early
stages of their awakening.

I have a further shock for you, Dear Ones. The reason these beings are so active and tend to their influence with such alacrity is that they are very aware of the importance of their job. I mentioned earlier
that each of you have free will in your thoughts, words and actions but
this isn’t entirely correct. This free will refers to the ego
consciousness that is presently a requirement for survival in your 3D
environment and not to the soul essence of the Creator contained within
you. Many of your spiritual teachers will contend that you must destroy
the ego in order to progress spiritually and, once again, this is true
to some extent. You must understand that you were each granted the tools
and abilities needed to fulfill your soul contract and that includes
personality type, an aspect of you that filters through your actions,
words and thoughts gradually as your physical bodies mature.

I chose today to entitle this message “Crusades of Compassion” for a number of reasons, but the time factor does not permit a full disclosure of that, at least in this message. Many of you fully comprehend that
there is indeed a plan in place, one which is being executed by those
both in service to the Light and those who seem totally opposed to it.
You can recognize the latter group by their opinion of what you call the
status quo. Those who seek to learn more, to expand to their true
potential and are not afraid of adjusting their paradigms as new
information becomes available to them are those who are making this
ascension process possible. But equally important is the opposition to
this global awakening for in this, each individual is given the choice.
You are born with all memory of your home removed, including your true
magnificence as Beings of Light and the devotion and love you have for
your Creator. It takes a monumental and consistent effort on your part
to recapture those memories and this aspect was agreed to, by you, prior
to entering your present incarnation. The bottom line, Dear Ones, is
that each of you chose what role you would play and made a vow to do so
to the best of your ability. It is easy to be critical of those trying
to stop this ascension through their attempts at control, which are so
prevalent on your planet, but I am going to suggest that you try a
different approach in your thinking.

Remember that all beings are not only a part of the Divine Creator but also dearly loved by the same. The apparent “dark side” and those you see acting in manner that injures or
who seem to take pleasure in harming others are crucial to the success
of the Creator’s Divine Plan. Instead of harboring ill will, I request
that you consider instead beginning your own personal Crusade of
Compassion. It is initiated by reminding yourself that everyone has been
tasked with a purpose, even those who you may regard as vile and
without conscience. Additionally, every action that is undertaken is
done so by design and with full knowledge of The Creator. To think any
action is random or without purpose is tantamount to accepting that
there is no balance within the omniverse and I will tell you, Dear Ones,
this is not the case at all. Remind yourself of these truths every time
you encounter examples of individuals who appear to be harming others
for no readily apparent reason. Offer them your compassion for they are
as important as you in the incredible plan. And to conclude please
request a blessing, asking the Creator to provide them with what you
wish for yourself – wealth, health and happiness.

One final note on this, which bears some illumination. As with many of the keys I have provided to date, there is a goal with this particular tool. Because of your very nature and realization in the
importance of developing and maintaining heart-centered consciousness,
it is far easier to send your compassion to an injured party. The term
that is often used to describe this is “rooting for the underdog”. If
you examine your own spiritual journey, you will note that hurtful words
and deeds by others have often led you to taking action, in ways you
would not have previously. Have you ever considered the debt of
gratitude you owe to these same individuals who injured you? Without
them, you may not have been forced to take action. The aim of this key
is to enable you to arrive at a point of spiritual maturity where you
fully recognize their contribution in your growth and development as
being essential. To some, it may feel totally foreign to even consider
being grateful to anybody who has injured you. As I have mentioned
before, Dear Ones, you must try to see beyond the cause – or the
incident – and pay close attention the effect it had on you. You are
already aware that no action is random or accidental and if another soul
has done something which ultimately benefits you, it is important that
you acknowledge this. I am not saying to forget or to allow the person
to remain in your life but I am asking you to consider adjusting your
viewpoint and actions regarding these hurtful events.

The goal of this key is to be able to have compassion for both the perpetrators and the
“victim” and know, deep within yourself, that you are only granted a
very small sliver of perspective, as it relates to the Creator’s Divine
Plan. As I have mentioned, your 3D reality is essentially a testing
ground and it was designed to be difficult and present you with numerous

A good analogy is being tossed from the side of a pool, without a life jacket, and being forced to learn how to stay afloat.
Once that essential skill is developed, it opens you to begin learning
to perform different strokes and even obtain the skills and wisdom to
assist another in that environment. Without that initial push and the
great courage it requires, you would be remaining on the edge of the
pool forever, afraid to take the plunge. How many of you could look back
and continue to be annoyed or angry at being forced to learn to swim,
given the understanding that it initiated a series of actions where you
were eventually able to feel somewhat safe from drowning and perhaps
even going further and helping others experiencing the same type of
fear? When you can learn to be appreciative for the lesson givers in
your life and extend your compassion to them as you would an apparent
“victim” you will have achieved a major milestone in your spiritual

I will leave you with the enormous love and gratitude from our Creator for continuing to fulfill the role which you contracted for, prior to this incarnation. Try not to be overly dismayed at what you see
transpiring around you, both now and in the near future. It will appear
that your world has gone mad, in some cases. Maintain your spiritual
disciplines, continue your meditation and soul centered activities and
please consider beginning your own Crusade Of Compassion. No positive
energy expended by you is ever in vain. Please know how honored and
pleased we are to be of service to you.

Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash)

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