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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Card Of Gratitude


I greet you, Dear Ones, with love, respect and gratitude from the Most High. Some of you may wonder if that opening salutation is simply repeating itself each week as a simple means of greeting… or is there more behind that rather self-explanatory statement? Who or what is the Most High? Why would respect and gratitude be sent to you by The Great Creator, you may ask? Certainly, He/She must have a pretty full dance card already. If we were created by a Divine Intelligence, why would that same Creator ensure that I offer you not only love but gratitude and respect as well? By the term “Most High” I am certainly referring to our Great Creator but also to the trillions of other beings, existing as pure energy consciousness, who you may never see, sense or hear. In this regard, it is always an honor and privilege to greet you on their behalf. I have mentioned to you before that many of you have guides that have been intimate friends and family members from several incarnations. All of us truly are only a quick whisper away and we have enormous respect for the difficult work you do, every single day. We would not have a voice without you nor would we be anywhere near as effective without your direct assistance. The simple truth is that we really need you…our Great Creator really needs you. Many of you are slowly becoming cognizant of some aspects of your own contract with The Creator and that is happening in divine timing.

Many of you have expressed considerable concern about your lack of destination and in many cases, lack of action on the part of your guides and mentors, in terms of revealing your purpose and role in this incarnation. I have mentioned before and I will do so again, Dear Ones. You all have a special and unique purpose within The Creator’s Great Plan. We have often warned you of the danger of comparing yourself to another and it is a difficult habit to break sometimes which we, in the angelic realm, really do understand. You have also been made aware that each individual is on a unique path with a unique purpose, hence they are encountering an equally unique set of challenges and adversities. They may not be like yours and you may secretly think they are not quite as difficult as yours. Rest assured, a challenge is a challenge, regardless of how it may appear. Whatever the purpose, you can be certain that it was necessary wisdom for that person to step into their role with all the skills required.

At times, you feel like either we are doing little or nothing or that we’re just not listening to your pleas for help. Neither of these assumptions would be correct. I have told you before how much it disturbs us to see you in pain and we have often petitioned The Creator to provide some additional comfort, awareness and support. The truth of this is that we are limited in terms of what direct actions we can take. We do an incredible amount of work without your conscious awareness, behind the scenes, much of which often goes unnoticed by you. This is not a condemnation or accusation, Dear Ones, simply a statement of fact. The prime means of ensuring you are aware of our efforts is to work on developing the psychic sense which is your strongest. We are aware of it and have been using it, as many of you listening or reading can attest. If you need help with this, we are only a whisper away.

Last week, I passed on a magical key I referred to as The Staff Of Gratitude. An odd name, you may have remarked. Yes, it was small play on words. The staff I spoke of, were, of course, the guides, angels and ascended masters that are presently assisting you. I also mentioned that there was another buried key contained within this one.

I refer to this magical key as the Card of Gratitude. Please use it in conjunction with the staff for an all-around approach to the magic of gratitude in your life. I have encouraged you to say thank you for the trials and challenges, letting The Creator know how appreciative you were for the opportunity to learn another essential skill. With this particular key, you will have less internal difficulty I believe. The idea is certainly not new nor do I take credit for it but it is incredibly effective for drawing blessings into your life. To use this key, I suggest simply taking the time to offer a kind word or deed to a stranger. Or even a friend or acquaintance, without the expectation of any return. This is half of the process for using this magical key. The second part is even easier. All you need to do is express your gratitude for that opportunity and request the opportunity and privilege to do it again.

That last part is crucial… asking for the chance to do it again, to assist another soul in need. Although you may not realize it fully, you often play key roles at pivotal times in the lives of others. You can be certain that if we direct you to say a few kinds words here or perhaps dig up a few dollars in change for that disheveled panhandler there, there is always a reason. You are playing a very significant role and our job would be impossible without you. We do rely on each of you to take action when we prompt you and we are enormously grateful when you do so without question. Never doubt, Dear Ones, that you are wanted, needed and very loved.

Perhaps now you have a partial understanding of why I begin and conclude with a reminder of how much love, respect and gratitude we have for each of you. The Creator is very aware of your struggles and challenges, often involving discomfort to ensure that The Grand Plan comes to fruition and we truly do see heaven on earth. Please accept the love, respect and gratitude from Our Great and Divine Creator as well, Who is very pleased with all of the efforts the Light Workers and Light Warriors have been making to facilitate this transition of the Ages.

Please remember how needed and loved each of you truly are, Dear Ones. It would be extremely difficult to accomplish our work without your direct help. Never doubt your worth.

I am Raziel, Keeper Of Celestial Mysteries

Channeled by Nick Nash - Jan. 10/10)

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Namaste! Nick, the Bright Sorcerer

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