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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Fire Magnet


It is a great honor and privilege to once again address you, Dear Ones, on behalf of our Great Creator and the countless Beings of Light who are assisting you on this often perilous path you have chosen. I offer you the love, gratitude and respect from each of these wise ones, many of whom you have yet to see or consciously interact with. Many of you are at a critical time in your journey as you draw closer to the Light and begin merging fully with your true soul essence. It can be a time of pain, discomfort, confusion and worry as you enact the necessary changes to bring you into alignment with your soul purpose. It is an easy matter to see the actions and events that evoke such mental anguish but this is only a small part of the entire picture, Dear Ones. Once again, in this message, I will offer you another magical key to assist in your efforts in recognizing this aspect.

I have mentioned to you often, Dear Ones, the importance of paying close attention to the people and events we bring into your life. So many of you are becoming very aware that the purpose of such things is NEVER punishment. Certainly, the universal concept of karma plays a key role but the teachings of the one known as Jesus have been altered and changed outright in many cases to suit the aims and goals of the few. Do you think His teachings were designed to assist one in attaining perfection? That goal is not within your reach as you inhabit a physical body and this is not entirely your fault, if you must find an outlet for such things. As each of you continue to explore the spiritual core of your being with sincerity and determination, there are other forces at work that seem to keep you in a place where you do not progress towards your purpose and goal. For that is a large part of your purpose in this lifetime, Dear Ones. In determining this, all you need do is examine what emits that bright spark of love and compassion within you and then find ways to share that with the world around you. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? The key to assistance here, from your team of spiritual teachers and advisors, is to simply ask for the opportunities to present themselves. That is only one half of this request, if you truly wish to seek and find your purpose within The Creator’s Divine Plan. You must also take action, when you are prompted. Often the actions you are led to perform may seem small and insignificant but I will remind you once again of an important consideration. We need you to do these things, because you are our messengers, envoys and healers. Our ability to interact in your realm of existence is limited and we rely very heavily on each of you. Yes, Dear Ones, you are a crucial component in the Divine Plan, no matter how small you may think your contribution really is.

I wanted to spend a few quick moments to explain further what many of you may have deemed to be a cryptic statement which I expressed only moments ago. You have found, at times, that you experience significant resistance in your efforts to shine you Light and Love. Is there some diabolical plot being played out behind the scenes to interfere directly with your mission or your ability to progress forward in your efforts to mature spiritually? Many of you are already very aware of the answer to this. What so many of you are experiencing, in terms of energetic realignment, has not been present on your earth plane before. Ever. Some ancient texts describe such interference in veiled wording but the true meanings have been lost to time. That you are experiencing adversity, trials and challenges as you seek accomplish what you are being urged to do is a given. As in all experiences that you encounter, the critical piece that will provide you with clarity is viewing each event from an objective perspective.

Because of the method used to communicate worldwide involves sitting behind a desk and tapping at a keyboard, you have noted that your initial efforts may have appeared slow and clumsy. Each new program added requires significant time to familiarize yourself with its operation. As you work with it more and more, building on the knowledge and experience you are attaining about it, you begin to develop a proficiency in utilizing it effectively. Do you recall the first time a message was flashed across your screen that your computer was infected with a virus? Do you recall the dread and anxiety that you experienced? These actions take place and they are common and yet, that first time, you were overwhelmed with a sense of dread. Now I ask that you take note of what actions you took when that first incident occurred. Chances are excellent that you shared the experience with at least one person, asked for their suggestions and then took steps to ensure your computer was well protected in the future. The end result is that you gained valuable and relevant knowledge, although it may have come at no small expense.

As many of the Angels and Masters like Michael, Hilarion, Raphael and others have been urging you, regard these adversities and challenges in a new light. It is important to look at them as training tools that will allow you to access and remember important bits of information and insight. The biggest hurdle that many of you face is your fear of change and yet change is demonstrated every single second, minute, hour and day. In the case of your typing skills, you may or may not realize, after a time, that your earlier apparent ineptness is no longer any type of barrier in communicating with others. Continued practice has enabled you to gain confidence not only in yourself but in your ability to communicate using the medium of the internet. Yes, there is energy at work designed to test you and your resolve. So many of you experience these conflicting energies and are confused as to their purpose in your life. Try not to seek a purpose or source behind such things for you grant the initiator great power. Instead, I urge you to approach each with an attitude of learning something new or building on your existing knowledge base, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time. I have used the analogy of a doctor to illustrate this and will do so again, only to reinforce the thoughts I wish to impart on you regarding this aspect of your growth.

Consider a person who awakens one day and declares that their choice of service is the path of a healer or doctor. An admirable calling, you will agree. But it would be totally unrealistic for that same person to announce the following day they are ready to step fully into that role. Many of you who are listening or reading this fully understand that such vocations require training that is sequential and builds on the existing wisdom and experience of the individual. Please remember this analogy, Dear Ones, when you feel lost and hopeless in regards to your purpose. Each new bit of knowledge and insight, while it may appear to be merely designed to halt your progress, truly is a great gift.

As promised, I present to you another magical key to assist you on your spiritual path, one which you may apply at your discretion. I call this key The Fire Magnet and its application is simple but will require you to be more attentive to your actions and those around you. On a given day, take a few quiet moments and address those of us who are assisting you in the higher realms. Ask that we direct you to a person in your life who is in need of comfort, support or encouragement. Be assured that we would love to help you in this! Follow our urgings, whether it be a phone call, a letter and just a quick note to that person or persons. Crucial to this is ensuring you have no expectation of a return. Now, make a note of when you did follow our guidance, what you did and for whom. The second part of this magical key is the real component that will assist you personally. Pay attention to the same type of encouragement and support that you receive from another person. The point of using and applying this key is to ensure you are fully aware that the positive and uplifting energy that you transmit is always returned in some form. In many cases, Dear Ones, you are going to be very pleased with the results that arrive.

In conclusion, I once again offer you the enormous love, respect and gratitude from our Great Creator and the numerous Beings Of Light who have chosen to assist you in this often difficult process of reintegration with your Higher Self. Never waste an opportunity to offer a kind word or act, when you are prompted. Remember, we really do need you, Dear Ones. You are representatives, not only of us, but of the Great Creator who loves you beyond measure.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - Jan. 24/10)

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Namaste! Nick, the Bright Sorcerer

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