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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Ring Of Discernment

(Live recording Of Lord Raziel's weekly message and a simple exercise to prepare one for shamanic journeying.)


I greet you, Dear Ones, with love, gratitude and respect from the Most High. Many of you have noted a growing unease in the last week regarding specific situations that are being illuminated on your planet, situations which have the potential to create further confusion and sorrow. Each of you is very aware that your presence on Earth at this time is not simply an accident or coincidence. Similarly, you have been made aware that your personal experiences, which have arrived over many years, are essential in preparing you for the role which you agreed to undertake. As a direct result, you have developed a unique perspective, not only of the world you see around you, but of the motivations of others. Some of these observations may well be correct, while others may hold only partial truth and still others contain a very minute amount of reality. To the individual, every unique perspective is truth, based on their life experience and wisdom at the moment. How is it possible that this could occur? Surely, you might think, all truth is absolute and there is or should only be one truth.

In your sciences, which have progressed so very rapidly in terms of discovery and understanding in the last century, there is an established protocol known as “the scientific method”. Certainly, there are variations which are dependent on the discipline but essentially this is designed to prove or disprove a theory. As you are aware, a researcher begins with simply stating a hypothesis and then applying the remainder of the testing criteria to establish the validity of his or her hypothesis. This can be a very effective tool in establishing proof that a relative truth, based on the knowledge and information available at the moment, is valid. Please note I say relative truth because it differs greatly from absolute truth. It is a truth based on the perspective that is relative to an individual.

What is absolute truth, then? I would like to draw your attention to a simple analogy which will help enlighten you as to the purpose of my message this week because there are some aspects of what is transpiring on your earth now – and has been for many, many years – that you must be made aware. It has often been remarked that one cannot place a square peg in a round hole. Obviously, you understand that this is said to indicate the futility of continuing or undertaking a project that lacks the necessary pieces for success. Given specific parameters, one could regard this as being a relative truth. Why? In this simplistic and generalized example, it is dependent on some important factors, not the least of which is the size of each piece. What if you were to use a round hole that was slightly larger that the square peg? It would fit in easily but does it prove or disprove the hypothesis that a square peg cannot fit into a round hole? To one who is objective and understands that a slight change in variables can alter the final observation, the new reality is the establishment of a new truth. This new perspective may not be accepted by all but to the individual, who has relied on new information or reasoning in their research, this becomes an absolute truth. This can be extremely liberating to a researcher but a source of great annoyance to those who have held the belief, up until then, that it is impossible to fit that square peg into a round hole.

Consider the story often told to you as children of the boy who cried wolf. You are all aware that the young boy proclaimed loudly that wolves were attacking his sheep and each time, the townspeople rallied and immediately banded together to drive off the apparent threat. After repeated false alarms, the town chose to disregard the real wolf when it appeared. Now consider one further analogy. This may appear unrelated but I assure you, as with all messages I bring to your awareness, it has considerable relevance. You have a day free from the restraints of your job which allows you to spend time with family or friends. Upon waking, you discover the rain is pouring down in sheets and the sky overhead is filled with dark clouds. Turning on the news, the forecaster informs you that the rain will continue for several hours. If you had made firm plans to enjoy the outdoors, you may regard this occurrence as unfavorable or even upsetting. You may regard this as a major inconvenience and react with anger or disappointment. If you have taken the time, however, to switch on the weather report the night before, you would likely have been told of the imminent rain. Chances are good you will alter those plans to include indoor activities. In this situation, the truth of this event can be regarded in two very different ways. One person will contend that it is “bad” but for another, it may provide the opportunity to enjoy different activities that are not dependent on the inclement weather. Both are valid viewpoints and are based solely on the perception on the individual.

You are very aware that all events which transpire serve a purpose. The rationale is seldom made apparent immediately, in a large part because no event is designed to effect only one individual. As you progress with your spiritual practices and interaction with us, you are granted an enhanced or elevated awareness. So many of you feel the stirrings of this collaboration in your daily lives and there are many factors which account for this. The connection to your Divine Essence, which you call the Higher Self, is daily being strengthened and modified, as are your insights and awareness’s. It can be enormously confusing and for this I offer you another magical key to apply in your own fashion.

I refer to this as The Ring Of Discernment and its application is solely based on the individual, for each of you possess very unique perspectives, based on personal and unique experience. When you encounter new information that runs counter to your established belief system – whether it reflects the spiritual or physical world around you – the resistance will be felt in many ways. This key will not assist you in arriving at instant clarity to a given situation but rather assist you in determining what you will do with this new information. In the case of the boy who cried wolf, many of you will assuredly contend that the sole purpose of that fable is to always tell the truth. To some, however, it may indicate that all boys are untrustworthy. The perspective you choose to regard as truth will be based on criteria that is unique to you. So I make the following suggestion to you, Dear Ones, who are seeking to find some way to accept reality as it is, not as it may appear at the first instant or has been slanted to be portrayed as truth or fact.

The most important component is to approach any new information with an open but objective thought process. You must understand and accept fully that each person is entitled to apply their own method in determining this. Many mothers will attest that they have some type of intuitive ability, for instance, when it comes to the activities of their children but will stop short of accepting that they possess any type of psychic ability… or that others have any such gifts. Many belief systems have played a hand in this and continue to do so. It is a direct threat to what these systems deem to be absolute truth, when in fact, they are based solely on relative truth and designed largely to control the actions and thoughts of the individual. Some of the greatest advancements and discoveries in your history have been made when brave individuals dared to challenge these “truths”, despite the potential that existed to be ostracized and ridiculed. In many cases the punishment was much, much worse. Instead of blindly accepting that something was impossible, they chose instead to approach their research from the view that a theory could be improved on and given more clarity, based on relevant and current data. Apparent absolute truth one day becomes relative truth the next. Continue to be objective but be diligent in your search for truth. Use your own intuition, do some research, query trusted friends and, of course, request our help with clarity. If you sense resistance within you to new information that is being paraded as truth, there is a purpose. The responsibility for determining this does not lie with the messenger but with you, Dear Ones. It is also very important to try to limit yourselves in terms of generalizing. One bad orange in a crate does not mean that all oranges cannot be eaten.

You are all Divine, each of you a spark of our great Creator, and have been given your own unique experiences for a purpose. You all possess the ability to discern what is acceptable to you as truth and what is not. The key is to remain informed and objective.

I leave you with a message of love from our great Creator and those of us who are working tirelessly on your behalf in the angelic realms. You will see a rapid escalation of events around you in the coming days that may make no sense and cause you worry or anxiety. You are being drawn together now, Dear Ones, with those who will serve as allies, teachers and students. Each person who enters your life is always by Divine Design and the coming days will see this happening with greater regularity. The pieces in this Cosmic Puzzle are indeed aligning and know it is all part of The Creator’s Plan.

I offer you a final note of intense gratitude and love for your efforts. Please know that each of you is making a very substantial contribution that is absolutely essential and we are very proud to be able to work so closely with you. Be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

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