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Working With Our Guides And Angels: Effective Decision Making


At some point in time, we've all been witness to somebody who has faced a major decision. In turmoil, worry, terror and desperation they've reached out to the God/Goddess/Creator/Universe - whatever one wishes to call the Divine Intelligence - with a heartfelt plea: "Please show me a sign so I know what I'm supposed to do." Too often, however, many consider their request has gone unnoticed or totally ignored when the answer isn't immediately forthcoming. Believe it or not, if one's intent is sincere the answer ALWAYS arrives but is seldom recognized for a few reasons.

•1) Feelings and emotions overshadow one's ability to be aware. With the focus solely on dealing with the problem or issue, we generally tend to disregard anything that doesn't pertain to our situation. This is not a deficiency or shortcoming but merely a type of defense mechanism. With our attention focused on our problem, we try to analyze it in a logical manner - which is left brain activity - when it is our right brain that actually responds to the difficulty in a creative way. This is why we often arrive at "aha" moments when we put the problem aside for a time and focus on other things. The suggestion often given to "sleep on it" utilizes this principle and can be very effective. Similarly, our guides or angels cannot speak to us when our mind is occupied with finding a solution.

•2) The request is too general. We would not seriously consider calling up a place of employment, stating that we wished to obtain a position there and then hang up the phone, would we? Similarly, making a request to the Universe, without providing some guidelines will be met with the same results. In the case of our job request, you may be glancing through the classified section of a paper, a few months later and discover the company is hiring but you've given them no indication how you want to be contacted or even when. If we don't provide the Universe with the equivalent, then we have no idea how - or even if - our request has been answered.

•3) We favor one solution over another. Too often, when one is desperate, we secretly wish to have our wants and needs validated. While we may pretend outwardly that we are open to whatever solution the Universe will offer, in the way of an answer, we're really hoping it will indicate our desire. This approach will often lead to disappointment and anxiety, especially if we think we know what is best for us and are just using the Universe to confirm this for us.

There is good news, though. If you've ever requested or considered requesting a sign to indicate a course of action from the Universe, Spirit or The Creator, you understand a fundamental truth and you will benefit from this article. The real truth is that we all have the right, as divine sparks of the Creator, to request to be given a sign to assist us with making difficult decisions.

Let's take our request for employment, as in the example above. How could we improve on obtaining the information we need? Strangle enough, common sense dictates we will likely include the type of position we are looking for, provide a contact number and request - in our resume or cover letter - to be contacted at their earliest convenience. Aside from calling them occasionally, there is little more one can do but wait and hope for a favorable response.

In many ways, making a request to the Universe for guidance is no different. For the purpose of this article, the method detailed below can be considered a SPECIFIC REQUEST TECHNIQUE, as opposed to a GENERAL REQUEST, where we do not include the essential details. By its conclusion, you will have the rudimentary skills needed to not only make a request for guidance but also how to recognize the message or answer when it arrives. I highly suggest that you experiment a bit to find what feels comfortable to you. These are only my suggestions but are based on personally using this technique literally dozens of times successfully.


•1) Begin a journal. It is always a good idea to begin a journal or log when doing request work. It can be as fancy or as plain as you wish, as long as you use it exclusively for the purpose of recording your results and observations. As you become more familiar with the way your personal angels or guides respond, you'll find you will need some place to post observations of how the sign arrived and the personal feelings or intuition associated with their arrival. You will begin to notice consistencies and similarities, both within yourself and without and often writing about them for a later review can be very revealing. Be certain to leave at least a half page empty for any further comments you might have. Very often, you will have further observations to record at a later date or you may need to expand on a related situation.
•2) Components of the request. To get the best results, it is essential to include the sign we wish to see, what that sign will reflect, as far as an answer, and a specific time period. I will give a brief explanation of each and then include samples of my own requests so you can see how it all ties together.
••a) The sign: It is essential that you ask to be shown something that you wouldn't normally see in an average day. Asking to run across a book (unless it's a specific book) to see a child walking, a bird flying or a car (unless it's very specific) are likely things you will run across during a normal day so they're not great requests.
••b) The problem you seek guidance with. This aspect requires very specific wording so it's important that you take some time, before making your request, to write down exactly what you are seeking assistance with. If you can't express this, in very specific terms, your guides and angels are left to respond in a way you may not recognize or with an erroneous response. Remember, we're talking here about getting specific answers so you need to word it in a way that leaves no room for doubt. For example, asking for $100.00 is quite general so you might consider requesting sufficient funds to take care of a pressing hydro bill. Similarly, asking if you should go out with a particular person is very general so you might want to request to be shown a sign to indicate if it is in your highest and greatest good to pursue a relationship with a particular person, mentioning them by name. It is very important that any request that you make - that involves a decision - you include the phrase "in my highest and greatest good". This is extremely important to include because if further narrows down what we really need assistance with. After all, simply asking if you should go out with somebody, as an example, gives no reference or indication to what you truly wish help in deciding.
•c) Establishing a reasonable time period for your angels and guides to respond. The key aspect to this is within a reasonable time period. What you need to take into consideration is that, while you're waiting for your sign to arrive, you need to be extra aware so you don't miss it. Requesting to be shown your sign within 24 hours means you need to be on heightened alert, so to speak, for that full 24 hours. Also, it takes time for your guides and angels to set things up. Contrary to what many mistakenly believe, the hand of the Creator does not just reach down or wave a magic wand and give us immediate results. The Universe uses helpers - guides and angels - to do this. It is respect and courtesy to grant them a reasonable amount of time to fulfill their task.


There are a number of factors to consider in deciding if you have - or haven't - received your requested sign. While it may be disheartening or confusing, you will sometimes receive no answer - but that is an answer in itself. There is no simple explanation in determining this so the best I can do is list some of the observations that I've made, as a result of my own sacred request work. At the end of this section, I will include excerpts from my own request log so you can physically see how all of these pieces, outlined above, fit together.

1) They seldom arrive in exactly the same format or manner every time. It's important to be aware of everything around you during the waiting period. Depending on the sign you've requested to be shown, the guides and angels need to find a way to ensure they get the answer you seek and use a wide variety of mediums to do that. A TV program, a song on the radio, an overheard conversation, a billboard, a chance encounter, a book title or passage from a book, nature, a co-worker or boss, a street scene....these are just some of the ways that guides and angels use to get the message to us. As you can see, they are widely varied because our helpers need to find the most direct, available and easiest means to adhere to the request made. Requesting to be shown an owl, as an example (and is included below) may not arrive flying through the air and landing on one's shoulder. You may encounter it on a nature program you felt an urge to watch, hear it mentioned in a song or even as a reference in a book that you happen to pick up.

2) Trusting one's guides is essential. This cannot be stressed enough. If you approach this type of work with an attitude of mistrust or uncertainty, it will be reflected in the outcome. Would you leave your child with somebody who you didn't trust? Of course not. If you have reached a point in your spiritual journey and development where you reach out to your guides or personal angels, grant them your trust so they can do their job effectively. If you have difficulty in this area (as I did when I first began) it is never wrong to take a few quiet moments and address them with your concern. Let them know you are new to this and would really like to be able to fully trust them and then request their assistance in dealing with it. Don't feel bad or uncomfortable in the least if you find a few tears streaming down your cheeks. This is a huge step to take for anybody because you are essentially putting yourself in the hands of somebody else. Depending on how personal the need is, it is understandable to be nervous and a bit frightened. You are making first contact with entities that have chosen to assist you on your journey and it can seem a bit unsettling. From personal experience, however, I can tell you - without any doubt - that they relish the opportunity to assist us.

3) Pay attention to your intuition. Very often, you will experience sudden urges to do something differently or out of character (within reason, of course) and it is vitally important that you follow that "gut feeling". These may include an urge to turn on the TV, browse through the library or book store, give a friend a call, eat lunch at a different place, take a different route home from work, surf the web, take a stroll in nature - this is hardly a comprehensive list but gives you an idea of the point here. Sometimes our guides need to place us so we're in a position to observe the answer to our sign request when it arrives. That means we need to pay attention to sudden urges. If those urges, however, include actions that are questionable, morally inappropriate or have the potential to cause injury to yourself or another, they are NOT from your guides. They will NEVER demand that you violate your morals or ethics. Their job is to provide you with guidance and direction so you can grow and learn spiritually and they take their duty and your trust very seriously.

4) Examine the circumstances that lead you to discovering a possible answer to your request. This has been one of the most important aspects for me in determining if the correct sign has arrived. Considerations include:

a) what activity one was engaged in at the time,

b) if it arrived as the result of following a strange inner urge to do something differently or even

c) examining the possibilities associated with seeing your sign in the location it was observed.

As an example, you request to see a spinning earth (I've included exactly that one below) to indicate if a course of action is in your greatest and highest good, and feel an uncharacteristic urge to turn on the TV at a very specific time. You encounter a program that covers how a factory makes globes of the earth - it doesn't take much imagination or thinking to know, beyond doubt, that your guides have responded to your request. Observe the circumstances leading up to and surrounding your possible answer being manifested, if you ever have doubts about it being genuine.


The following are samples of a few of the requests I've made and the results from my own log. You'll note that one of the signs did not appear but I regard that as an answer nonetheless. I've listed them as I do in my log to give you an example to follow when designing and using your own for maximum benefit. Experiment a bit with your own method of record keeping but it is vitally important that you do keep a record for future reference. I've often found similarities and experienced "aha" moments days or even weeks afterwards. Some aspect that I did not understand - like why I didn't receive an answer - became obvious only after a period of time has passed. As is often said, "Hindsight is always 20/20/". It's important to trust our guides to steer us towards situations that don't injure us and are truly in our highest and greatest good. They have access to information that is not readily available to us.


•1) Background: I was contemplating sending some of my work to an editor for possible publication.
•2) Time: December 18 4:30 PM
•3) Request: "Divine Creator and my guides, I request to be shown a spinning earth, within 6 hours, to indicate it is in my highest and greatest good that I complete the application form required for consideration by this editor (and stated the name)."
•4) Result: I had felt urged to turn on the TV a little before 8 PM and observed a large number of spheres on several channels, more than normal. At 8:22 PM, I was strongly urged to turn to the Discovery Channel and caught the beginning of a segment that highlighted how earth globes were made. At one point, there was an entire room filled with spinning globes hanging from the ceiling of this factory.
•5) Observations: I received this sign without any doubt and will be following up at the earliest moment.


•1) Background: The son of an acquaintance, whom I didn't know all that well, gave me a strange looking coin - out of the blue - and said it was for luck. I hadn't bought Christmas gifts in several years for anybody and wanted to know if, on a spiritual level, this was an appropriate gesture. I sensed something special about him and did not want to lose any opportunity to spread the Light.
•2) Time: December 20 7:30 PM
•3) Request: "Divine Creator and my guides, I request to be shown the image of an owl within 6 hours to indicate that it is in the highest and greatest good to purchase a present for Robert."
•4) Result/Observations: At exactly 1:30, a nature program on eagles and vultures showed a quick image of a bird in flight that I couldn't recognize but assumed it to be another of the same kind, given the others I'd seen up till then. It went to commercial and I distinctly heard a voice inside inquire whether I would allow an extra few minutes for the sign to be recognized to which I agreed immediately. The bird turned out to be an owl, the only one featured on the program but the initial image was shown in exactly the time period requested. I followed up by shopping the next day for a suitable gift for the young man.


•1) Background: A tenant had suggested that we each get a lottery ticket and split the winnings if one of them was chosen. I had certain misgivings about this but decided to make certain my "gut instinct" was correct.
•2) Time: June 6 5:46 PM
•3) Request: To be shown a dove, in any form, by 12 PM, to indicate it was in my highest and greatest good to purchase a lotto ticket in conjunction with this tenant.
•4) Result: No appearance of dove in the time specified and will not be pursuing this, at this time.


•1) Background: I work as a volunteer with the VON in their Safety Check Program. Each night, I would simply walk by to see if they had hung our sign outside their door, which indicated that all was well. A new client named Chris, whom I never met personally, started on our program and roughly 2 weeks later launched a formal complaint to my coordinator that I was not doing my job of checking for her sign. I had been, of course, and it was slightly annoying to be confronted by my coordinator about the complaint. With that in mind...I was mildly concerned about the very definite direction my learning was taking regarding building on my mediumship abilities. There were a few too many coincidences to disregard the guidance I was receiving from my guides but I wanted to confirm that I was going in the right direction and not simply following a passing interest..
•2) Time: January 27 4:03 PM
•3) Request: "Divine Creator and my guides, I humbly request to be shown a caduceus, within 6 hours, to indicate it is in my highest and greatest good to continue with the direction of my present studies."
•4) Result: At 8:08 PM, I had heard the siren of a fire truck close by and had gotten up to look out the window, thinking the alarm might have gone off in an adjacent building to where I work. Instead of a fire engine, I was a bit shocked to peer out and see an ambulance instead, with a big caduceus on the side. Unless it is directly in front of my building, I don't pay much attention.
•5) Observations: I was pretty much certain that this was the sign I requested and felt it inside but a small bit of doubt remained because ambulances, while not an everyday occurrence, arrived at least twice a week at the building. About an hour later, talking to my counterpart (building superintendent) in the other building, I was absolutely stunned to be told that the woman who had made a complaint about me and had been on our program for less than a month, had passed away...and the ambulance was there for her!!! Had the incident not occurred the week before, I would not have taken much notice because it had nothing to do with my duties. It was a very strange symmetry that she would play such a key role in helping to determine whether or not I should continue with my mediumship studies. She was the source of my sign's appearance. It took me quite some time to wrap my mind around how everything fit together.


One important aspect when working with your guides or angels, in this way, is that you must remain detached from the outcome. It's essential to be aware, of course, during the waiting period - and don't be shy to request help with this from them - but remain detached from the outcome so you don't experience any type of disappointment.

Sometimes the signs do not arrive and you'll have a tendency to question yourself and whether or not you just weren't paying enough attention. Try not to do that. If they arrive, they are usually accompanied with a slight stirring inside. Only you can decide if it has arrived so pay attention to your gut feeling and try not to overanalyze. Above all else, do not ask somebody else who has no knowledge of this tool or guides in general. Their path is not yours, nor are their experiences or purpose.

Additionally, I've found it helpful to use affirmations to assist me. "I will be aware of (state the object) when it appears." Whisper it from time to time when you become aware of the thought because it is almost always your guide's way of ensuring that you remain aware and alert.

If the object you requested is shown to you, ALWAYS take a moment to express gratitude and acknowledgement. Typically, I say a variation of this: "I accept this as the sign I requested. Please accept my sincere gratitude for your assistance, Divine Creator and my guides." You'll find your own unique voice and means of expression.

Even if you fail to get the response you requested, it is an answer in itself so be sure to express your recognition of this, along with your gratitude. "I accept this as an indication that (course of action) was not in my highest and greatest good. Thank you, Divine Creator and my guides, for assisting me in making a wise decision and choice not to pursue this." Use whatever wording is comfortable to you but always remember to include acknowledgement and gratitude.

Never share your requests with anyone prior to them manifesting. It is a sure-fire way to lose confidence in yourself, the process and your guides. If you absolutely feel the need to proclaim how special you are, then you're likely not ready to use this tool. Remember, you're keeping a log and if you feel it necessary, you can always disclose your request to others by showing them those pages, after you've recieved your sign. If they question your honesty, you've learned a valuable lesson: they are not somebody you can discuss this personal aspect of your spiritual journey with. The bottom line is you know what you know, period. You have nothing to prove to anybody.

Begin with something small. This will help build the confidence you need so you are able to rely on and trust your guides, angels and the Creator.

I often utilize the Law of Attraction and this process has been immensely beneficial for me in determining whether or not what I want is, in fact, what I really need. What seems important or even critical one month may prove to be redundant or unnecessary, a few months down the road. Our spiritual helpers play a hand in every incident that enters our life and are well aware of our purpose and goals - and how best to achieve them.

In conclusion, all I can add is consider beginning a dialogue with your guides or angels - whichever you prefer to call them - as soon as possible. If a situation arrives, seemingly out of the blue, that brings you joy, take a quick moment and thank your joy guides. If you find you'll be out among people, take a moment before you leave the house and request that your protector guide shield you from harm or ill-intent....or negative energies and entities. You're experiencing a difficulty or problem, don't be shy to ask your doctor teacher guide to lead you to the people and resources than will assist you. By acknowledging their efforts on your behalf, you open yourself to even more instances of assistance, often when you least expect it. It's those first few hesitant steps that you can build on to nurture the relationship with your personal angels or guides, whose sole responsibility is to assist you in achieving your goals and learning essential lessons. Trust me when I tell you, they are VERY interested in seeing you happy and successful and are only a whisper away.

This article was based loosely on some of the techniques pioneered by Dr. Adrian Calabrese. I've modified so it is effective for me, to fit my own spiritual path and beliefs, but she was a huge influence on this aspect of my spiritual development.

Quite honestly, this has been one of the most valuables tools in my "spiritual toolbox". So many of us, as Raziel and others continue to tell us, are working directly with some very enlightened Beings Of Light almost every single evening when we sleep. Based on my own experience and development, this technique had an enormously positive effect on my ability to not only understand but to make decisions that were truly based on my highest and greatest good. In these difficult times, we need every tool we can add to our toolbox to assist us in our communication with these wonderful entities that hold us in such endearment.

By Nick Nash

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Namaste! Nick, the Bright Sorcerer

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