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I tried to attend a holy worship in one of the churches nearby; they say that you have to be in formal cocktail dresses if you want to attend the worship. I wanted to laugh until I die when I heard that because I think that worshiping must not depend on what a person wears inside a church.

It’s like saying that salvation is only for the rich and supreme, and the poor ends failing. But then I decided to wear formal dresses because I don’t want to be criticized by other people inside the church. When I entered the church, the Holy Eucharist is not yet starting, and in my surprise everyone was talking with each other, whispering and chatting. And I thought to myself, is this the so called meditation-talking-to-god looks like?

When the worship began, everyone was dancing and clapping, and I realized this is fun like I was on a disco house, so I danced and clapped my hands too. After that, there was a preaching session, and the audiences were just listening to the preacher. I tried to understand their beliefs and principles, but something is not right, so I didn’t listen to the preacher.

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