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I have been on my own journey of Self Discovery for what seems a very long time (that's just my physical memory to my non physical memory it's been an eternity.)
My background includes many years working with adults, children and adolescense and their families with mental health problems. My husband and one of my daughters (I have five children) also work in the mental health area. I am an adult surviver of ADHD and I have two children (one adopted) that have the diagnosis of ADHD and one son with Aspergers (not long ago recieving treatment for catatonia,) therefore my family has also been a consumer of mental health services giving us a different perspective.
I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse with a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education.
Over the years, I have studied many forms of spiritual teachings until, through a series of wonderful events, I was introduced to Padmacahaya Foundation - www.padmacahaya.com
I completed their Reiki Tummo levels - 1, 2 and 3a before taking part in my first Spiritual Retreat. I feel greatly blessed to have had the opportunity to have met some of the many people who make up this organization.
Padmacahaya Foundation started a decade ago with Reiki Tummo workshops around the world, introducing this safe and effective way of using Divine and Kundalini Energy to aid healing and cleansing. More recently the Open Heart workshops have been introduced world wide. To check out this phenomena look at some of the many webpages availabe world wide - www.open-your-heart.org/uk; www.open-your-heart.net; and heartsanctuary.
Of course there is our very own New Zealand www.lotuslight.net.nz.
Reiki Tummo and Open Heart meditation work well on all physical, emotional and spiritual issues.
Anyone who wishes to contact me is welcome:
Reiki Tummo can sent distantly. I also am a Bach Flower Practitioner, Soul Essence and Rose Essence Practitioner.
In Auckland, New Zealand I have the Padmacahaya Auckland Free Reiki Tummo monthly clinic at my house as my way of sharing and for any information on the above you can contact me through this webpage or by emailing me at

All for the Love of True Source

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