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We have been blessed with the opportunity of once more holding Reiki Tummo and Open Heart Meditation workshops throughout New Zealand - Auckland, Havelock North, Wairoa and Taupo. You can access more information about when and where these will be held - www.lotuslight.net.nz

What is Reiki TUMMO

While most Reiki taught in the world is based on the Usui tradition, there is a far more ancient form of Reiki originating in Tibet.
There are several traditions calling themselves Tibetan, or gTummo. However, the most ancient and complete Tibetan Reiki is though to be Reiki TUMMO. The word Tummo means Inner Fire, which is a Tibetan word for Kundalini. The name appropriately fits this gentle, yet expansive kundalini awakening and purifying process. Reiki TUMMO is believed to be the rediscovey of an ancient and sacred spiritual technique used to achieve enlightenment within one lifetime.
In healing aspects, Reiki TUMMO is similar to Usui Reiki to Usui based systems in that it is a powerful tool for energetic healing, given through a series of attunements. However, Reiki TUMMO goes beyond onther Reiki systems and brings about a very powerful spiritual understanding above and beyond the healing aspects.
Reiki TUMMO uses both Reiki and Kundalini energy in synergy to cleanse the practitioner's energy body layers (Aura), Chakras as well as Nadis (energy channels) to raise the practitioner energy vibration. When these two energies are combined the practitioner experiences quality cleansing which enhances Reiki healing capability.
Reiki TUMMO is the first step in a complete and advanced system of training called Shing Chi Master Yoga. Wtih Shing Chi one is attuned to the divine chakras above the crown chakra and shown how to integrate them with the awakening of the spiritual heart. This leads to increased experience of Divine Love and Light as well as the direct cultivation of heightened spiritual states of consciousness that bring one closer to God.
More detailed information can be found on www.padmacahaya.com

In my next blog I'll talk about Open Heart Meditation.

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