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Message From Lord Raziel: The Banishment Of Control

Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Banishment Of Control

I greet you, Dear Ones, once again with the boundless respect, love and gratitude from the Most High. Recent weeks have been trying times for many of you, often accompanied by a nagging yet
unvoiced worry that the state of your progress has been halted yet again. At
times, it can feel like you’re on a train that seems to stop frequently and
then wait for hours, before beginning again. Many of you have noted this “stop
and start” process throughout your journey and it has been cause for undue
confusion, worry, and anxiety. From a human biological standpoint, I must add,
this is a very normal reaction. As I have mentioned before, the 3D mind which
controls your daily activities has been separate from that spark of great wisdom
contained within you since your birth in this lifetime but it is an essential
component to your survival. You have all had to do very significant work to
uncover and then initiate direct communication with that soul aspect inside
you. So many of you have, in fact, have progressed so quickly that you are now
in constant contact with not only the ember within but also your Higher Soul or
Higher Self aspect. As you are beginning to notice, this connection comes with
a great responsibility.

The mention of responsibility may cause some to groan inwardly. It has been a very long and difficult road in your ascension process that has seen you all exhibit incredible courage and
composure during these challenges you face. Consider this analogy, Dear Ones.
You have been working an entry level position at a big company and doing an
extraordinary job that is noticed by management. You are taken aside and given
an offer to consider which is nothing you expected. Your company has agreed to
put you through a university degree program, paying all the necessary fees.
Knowing that such actions are never random, you have established a means
already, from your spiritual practice, to determine if this offer is in your
highest and greatest good. You get a positive response from your guides and
angels and accept the kind offer with gratitude the following day. You agree to
continue to work part-time in your capacity as a typist as part of this
agreement, which you readily accept. Now, let us flash forward 3 or 4 years of
linear time. With a brand new degree in Business Management, complete with all
the knowledge gained over that time, you present yourself to the owner this
time. Is it possible that your education was paid for by this company, only to
have you continue in your entry level position? This is possible certainly, but
highly improbable. To do so, would not take full advantage of the new
knowledge, experience and wisdom gained from your education. My point is that
very few company executives would eagerly pay out several thousand dollars so
you could obtain your degree without some expectation of a return. In a term
many of you have come to hear over the years, you are now “over qualified” for
your typist position.

Consider this analogy, as it relates to your own spiritual journey. The experiences and resulting wisdom gained from overcoming adversity has all resulted in many of you obtaining what
you might consider a cosmic university degree. You need only look back at
yourself even a few years ago to see that you really have made enormous
progress, but often this goes unnoticed or unacknowledged by many of you. This
is not a shortcoming in any way; in fact, it clearly displays that your focus
is centered more on soul expression than that of ego. Humility has been used in
many connotations and is most often associated with “humiliation” but I assure
you, Dear Ones, there is a huge difference between the two. Humility is a state
of mind that fully accepts all beings are equal and entitled to the same
freedoms and rights. Because humility is heart centered, it is fueled by your
very core essence and you can feel it radiating from your heart chakra. In
contrast, humiliation is normally the result of an act that stimulates shame, fear,
terror and associated low vibration emotional energy and can be felt most
strongly in the solar plexus chakra. It may not seem fair, to some degree, that
many of you have had to endure humiliation as part of your growing process,
resulting in a new awareness of humility.

All of you presently, and for many years, have served the dual roles of teacher and student, often simultaneously. No interaction is ever entirely for just one individual or their soul’s
progression. There is always an exchange of knowledge. In my previous messages,
I have spoken at length about discernment of new information, the necessity of
examining the internal sensations you experience when it arrives and of how
crucial it is to remain current, open-minded and yet objective as well. I have
also given you the means to establish the correct energy, right from the point
of recognition of a new challenge, by asking The Great Creator directly to send
the Light of Illumination on the situation so it is resolved in the highest and
greatest good and in a timely manner. Before you find yourself embroiled in the
adversity, it is imperative that you are aware of past events of a similar
nature and the enormous role that the Principle Of Rhythm plays in your ongoing
education. You move from the initial discovery and the associated emotions,
uncover the nature of the lesson or skill development and then move through to
a resolution. You are very aware that the duration of this period is dependent
entirely on you. Yes, people are your greatest sources of wisdom and experience
and are an integral part of this process but you are at the helm, Dear Ones. In
order to minimize the effects of any new challenge, always approach it from a
point of neutrality. It has not arrived simply as a means to injure you or to
bar your progress. Learning an approach that works for you, as far as dealing
with each new challenge, is extremely important so regard them as new puzzles
to solve with the goal remaining to move through each adversity in the shortest
period of time but ensuring you have had the benefit of the full lesson. Yes,
it is a fine balancing act, Dear Ones, that so many of you of you are still
fine tuning. You are making the necessary alterations and adjustments with each
new trial, even if you may not consciously be aware of this at every moment.

My message this far may seem full of random musings and observations, interspersed with past tools I have presented you and it has been done for very specific reasons. The magical key I
offer you this week is well-named as “The Banishment Of Control” for all the
small pieces I have touched on so far each play a part in utilizing this
valuable key. It is quite reasonable to assume that each of you agreed to
incarnate, during this specific period of cosmic history and evolution, to play
a specific role in The Creator’s Divine Plan. If you acknowledge that within
you is a small spark of this same Creator, it would be reasonable to extend
that thought a bit further and acknowledge that you must have a purpose for
being alive. Just as it would be inconceivable for a person to decide a career
choice as a doctor one day and then hang out a plaque the next day, advertising
their services, it is equally unrealistic to expect to step fully into your
role without the necessary foundation of knowledge and experience. It can be
lengthy process to learn the art of healing as a doctor, from a 3D viewpoint,
which involves years of schooling and practical application. Many of you are
still in a type of holding pattern – or so it appears to you – and illumination
of your purpose is still not clearly defined. Each role is unique and the type
of training, wisdom, abilities and even personality type are crucial components
to ensuring a successful completion. What can be confusing is a confrontation
of challenges that may appear to run counter to your path. Even if you have a
healthy approach to new challenges, you learn how important it truly is to
closely examine the potential for growth or added experience and knowledge. It
may seem to be, at first glance, an effort to steer you from your goals and
these events do transpire. So I add an additional suggestion here that will
assist in arriving at clarity. Recognize fully that each situation has arrived
by divine design and will invariably involve at least one other soul. If the event
has the potential to divert you from your purpose in a significant way, check
in with your internal emotions and what area of your body is more directly
affected. Additionally, you are all continuing to note development in your
innate abilities in varying degrees. I offer a gentle reminder here, Dear Ones,
to try not to compare yourself to others in this regard. You are each given the
exact gifts and abilities required to both realize and fulfill your role and
they are activated and developed according that soul’s unique purpose. Many of
you have begun your journey back to memory of your true potential as healers, teachers,
leaders, channels and mediums. Many of you are also noting, with a mixture of
delight and wariness, the emergence of new or improved sensing abilities
ranging from intense empathy, to a sudden “knowing” of the true nature of an
event to seeing and communicating directly with those beyond the Veil. I am
trying to stress here what an impressive array of talents, gifts and wisdom
each of you really possess and have access to. Use these. If not already in
your life, request that we send along a kindred soul that you can mutually
share and explore the validity of what you sense about a given situation.

The doctor analogy served as a springboard to a parallel to what each of you are presently experiencing. New experiences and information arrive daily and each fulfills some purpose. Some of you have
been in training all of your life for this role you chose to step into and many
of your experiences in being “taught” have not been pleasant. Some of you made
agreements to be awakened at a very specific time, which can often result in an
accelerated process occurring. In what would take most souls in human hosts
several years to learn, many of you can accomplish in a small fraction of that
time. If you find yourself feeling pressured and in a constant stream of new
experiences, please understand this: yes, you orchestrated these events to
transpire but equally important is the fact that we have full faith and trust
in you to resolve each in a manner that is in the highest and greatest good of
all concerned. We are your tutors, teachers and personal advisors and while you
make the final decisions, we always offer our guidance and wisdom to ensure a
successful resolution. You have designed your progress to be incremental and
rest assured, the timetable that you have mapped out - to fulfill your mission
- ensures that you are fully equipped, so to speak, when you begin.

So what is the true essence of this key I call “The Banishment Of Control”? Understand that you are in charge of your progress but you have a wide assortment of tools and allies to assist
you. You’re practicing open-minded discernment with greater regularity, which
is essential for no new information arrives without some type of value. Many of
you have initiated varied types of rituals to “turn over” problems or
challenges to The Creator, not for resolution but rather clarity and
understanding and this is also a valuable tool in establishing the energy
required to tackle any new difficulty. It sets in motion other beings who may
have previously been only involved peripherally and new possibilities can
develop very quickly. You also have considerable control over whom you allow to
enter your personal space, whether it be your home or your life, when it comes
to sharing personal information of the nature I’ve discussed in this message.
Once again, a gentle reminder that if you require some assistance in this just
simply request it. We are overjoyed to see the connection made between kindred
souls, made even sweeter when we see the joy it brings you. Sharing is an
extremely important of your mission, no matter what type of knowledge or
experience that might be. The true essence of this key? At times, your
conscious mind may swim with confusion and doubt over your purpose, often
directing the focus to your shortcomings. Remember, you are here with a great
purpose. While it may appear at times that you are at the mercy of events
around you, it is you who has chosen to participate in that experience. This
key serves as a reminder that the doubts expressed from your conscious 3D mind
are not necessarily the real you. There are numerous beings of light who are
involved with assisting you on a daily basis, many being members of your human
and non-human families. Each of them believe in you and have chosen their role,
in the higher realms, to assist you in succeeding. During your sleep periods,
you often spend time with your Higher Soul in consultation and return with new
information and understanding. My point is simply this, Dear Ones: You may
think that outside events serve to take away your power, when it is actually
the reverse. New situations require quick initial responses in many cases which
find you accessing that vast storehouse of information available to you from so
many different sources. Each new challenge allows you to step into mastery and
exert your control over how it will impact on you.

One final note to you, Dear Ones. The coming months of summer will see the emergence of events that have the potential to cause significant amounts of very low vibration energy to grow in
strength globally. Do not be misled by old or new lies. Continue to practice
your discernment and take the appropriate action necessary if you are confused
or worried. All beings on your living planet are receiving the same type of
cosmic energy and are reacting according to their own soul contract. Do not
waste needless energy arguing about your beliefs to one who will not listen.
Remember this also: no religion has a monopoly on the time line of events which
have yet to unfold. Believe that The Great Creator, which formed you, has a
definite plan in place and is the only entity who truly knows its entirety. You
can expect to see more and more souls begin to gather together, as they access
the wisdom required to fulfill their role, most often with the help of those
who have begun filtering into your lives.

With that, I will leave you with the boundless gratitude and love of our Great Creator, and those of us who work closely with you in the realm of spirit. People everywhere are in varying
stages of awakening and each is going through their own equally unique set of
challenges. As often as practical, when you see and sense another living being
in distress, take a few moments and request a whispered blessing on them. While
it may seem insignificant, it is no small act from an energetic perspective.
Once again, I offer the deep respect, love and gratitude from the higher
realms. Be blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper Of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - May 09/10)

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Comment by Angelia Roseline on May 19, 2010 at 3:21pm

Hi Nick, thank you and Dear Lord Raziel for spiritual guidance during this important time in history. I deeply appreciate that.

Many blessings



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