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Learning about psychic abilities is no different from anything else we can learn to do well. By now virtually everyone understands something of a sixth sense exists, but grasping exactly what that means and how we can apply it to our lives is a bit different.

Many people who are familiar with philosophies of my own, understand what I mean by Creation through opposition. Basically, it is the nature of relation between polar opposites that provides us with movement and creativity. Not quite the “Ghost Whisperer” but relevant all the same when it comes to psychic information.

Opening psychic channels requires only three things. The knowledge that we can or belief, perseverance and discernment.

When we experience a tragedy, negativity, loss, etc., we engage in cycles of growth, not the other way around. The latest movement in the economy has provided just that. Where we had seen movement in our physical environment, out of balance, the illusion of that reality weakened and failed to continue as it once had. In this one turn of events, many people have wakened from a deep sleep to an age of there being something more. For many that sleep has had a familiar tune to it; an old friend they once knew but had to let go of to conform or focus on more pertinent things. We became distracted.

Regardless, the ability still resides in each of us. It’s a bit like riding a bicycle, swapping it for a sports car and returning again. Understanding this gives us a place to start for those wanting to get back in touch with their gifts.

By opening the window of possibility, many psychic channels will then become triggered. Think of it as you would the first scents of spring. One breeze can carry various scents of Jasmine, Lilac, freshly cut grass, leaves or even rain. Because we worked openly with those scents, we are able to discern them from one that might be generalized as being sweet.

Any one of us can learn the use of a gift endowed specifically for the benefit, balance and survival of the species it was created.

(excerpt from Elleise's material - Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor)

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