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I am a metal head. I never believe in the existence of God. I always say it to myself “I stand alone.” I am an iconoclastic person, destroying the dogmatic principles of the so called “holy kingdom,” because I perceived it as a sign of stupidity and mediocre.

Every time I see people wearing church dresses after their so called “praying”, I ask myself, if these people have their own minds, I find it very annoying to see that they are just being manipulated by these spiritual organizations. But then I realized something: they are users of what they call “god” because they only come to him when they needed something.

As I’ve remember, the basic principle of life is to survive and live until you die. There is no supreme being and the only thing you can do is live life to the fullest.

Why are those people who lived their life in a golden spoon, does almost everything just to stay on the top. These people are most likely to become successful in life, their mastery of the art of deception makes them more supreme, and enables them to take every one elses right's and freedom. Even this days many are being maltreated without their knowledge because they cant speak up against their "Masters".

Where does these so called human law put us in this cruel world? Where is justice when those who are to be the judge on their cheap dresses are just mere puppets of those who reign Supreme?

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